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I'm only up to $15 credit but thanks for the reminder! Next time I'm in the area I will cash out.

Whoa! That client just showed up on ACL's job board in my area!

Eta: from the previous zero commentary to this ACL's extensive commentary and reimbursement only.


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My circumstance my be different since I am incorporated, but I can write it off as a bad debt. I just invoice any company that does not pay and then write it off after 1 year as a bad debt. I then put them on my blacklist of companies that have to pay off their debt before I work for them again. I make sure I research them and any board member or owner I put on the list as they have been known to come back under other company names.
The client had actually started showing up on ACL back in March in a few locations before being suspended until this month. So it seems like her main client had left her before COVID. FWIW the reimbursement went from $35 to $60.
So all those big bonuses in early March were just a way to prove that she could get the shops filled and completed, with probably NO intention ever to pay the shoppers back.
I see. So, in January SCS already knew that at least one client would not be renewing their contract, baited us with big bonus promises, kept all the client payments and disappeared. Basically, it seems like she had already decided in January she would not be paying shoppers. If there had been no Rona outbreak we would have still gotten screwed, I think.

I do not know what those of you who are chattering on about dishonesty are thinking. Are you aware that there is a pandemic and that many companies are going belly up and not able to pay their vendors? Did you know in January that all this was going to happen? Perhaps she was already in trouble financially but the pandemic made it worse, much worse. People have lost everything. Of course you think this had nothing to do with the pandemic. I also am curious whether those of you who think this was all thought out in advance are people who do not fulfill contracts because some of you are certainly talking like a contract means nothing to you. I am being brutal because I cannot understand how those of you who say these things think.
If I owned a company and had a contract to fulfill with one of my clients ,even if I knew that client was not renewing their contract, I would still fulfill the contract,. And most people who are honest and want to stay in business would also fulfill their contracts. So why, if you are honest, would you not carry out your contract even if it meant you had to put some of your own money into it. And then a pandemic hit, it hit you and it hit me and it hit her as well. And like many others her money situation changed. As for bonuses she has been paying bonuses for several years now on her jobs where I live and until now I have always been paid. Making these assumptions that in January she offered work she had and expected not to pay you I guess because she knew way before anyone else did that a pandemic was going to totally ruin her business in a few short months seems to be slanderous to me. I think it is time you all stopped. Many of us have had losses in this business and I do not blame you for being upset but it is time to move on. Since I have been a mystery shopper I have read of several business that went under and did not pay, some of these I also lost money in but I have never seen a thread as poisonous as this one when that has happened before.
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