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I've been doing shops for this compnay since April and have not been paid from them. Approx $300 AUD was meant to go into my account last Friday and I am yet to receive it, though they have been telling me in very broken communication that it was already put into my PayPal account last week. I don't believe them at this point, obviously. Is there anything I can do to get the money or is it just bad luck?

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Albatross pays on time. They missed my payment once or twice but if you email them, they will take care of it; try emailing to your scheduler first. If they are telling you that they sent the payment, then wait day or two; also, make sure they have your correct paypal email address.
They have always paid me on time. Be sure your paypal address is the same as the email address you have in their system.
I would ask to have the Paypal email addr verified. Although communication can sometimes be challenging with this MSC, they have always treated me well.
I do a few shops monthly & they pay on time. Call; email every contact you have in old emails.
all my missions have been paid, you just have to follow with the one who is sending you for missions

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I have never had a payment from them which was not paid early. Everyone: paid before due.
I am having payment issues myself now. And, I have done a decent amount with them. Their website shows that I was paid for a job that I completed on 4/12, but I never received a payment through PayPal. I have inquired three times about it through their online portal and have not gotten a response. I also emailed the scheduler... which I will do again tonight.

I have a more recent job that I was sent $10 on a $60 job. I reached out the scheduler and was told that it was a mistake and another shopper had the same issue. The shop was approved and it was fine. I was also told that payment goes through a payment company in Dubai and that they have been having issues lately and the handling of payments has been bad. He said it is in his managers hands now.

I really enjoy working with Albatross and will do a total of 8 shops this month for them, so I hope they get this figured out soon. I'm a bit frustrated.
Albatros always pays on time but recently, maybe 3-4 months ago, some changes took place; it appears that they have new project managers and schedulers. I was not paid for one shop that was assigned by previous scheduler. I emailed to the new regional project manager and he took care of it right away.
Oh and I did not receive a hefty reimbursement until I asked for it. Again, it may be due to the changes at Albatross that took place few months ago. It seems all is fine last couple of months.
Does anyone have a responsive email address for Albatross? I've tried my scheduler a few times and the address also (though the last one was on Friday, 4 days ago). So far ... silence.

I did get paid, but I did not get paid the hefty bonus I was promised. And I have been emailing since I saw the bonus was not listed on the shop, BEFORE I completed it.

I still have the email from the scheduler promising the bonus. But it's pretty useless if no one bothers to respond. It does look like their team is going downhill, however. I doubt I will do any more shops for these guys, there is too much competition in my area from responsible companies.
Albatross paid me for all the visits I've done so far, I had no problem with them at all. The coordinators are really kind and responsive, I liked the idea of communicating through mobile applications which is much faster and more practical than conventional email communications. Overall I recommend working for this MSC since their pros are much more than their cons.
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