Merc Systems Dining Shops - Reasonable Reports?

Seeing a lot of reimbursement-only shops. Does anyone know if their reports are reasonable length? How do they stack up against the other typical dining reports?

I like that BARE actually pays a fee for their dining reports, so I'd be much less inclined to do Merc if the reports were any longer than BARE's.

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@Niner wrote:

They are easy. They are much easier than other dining reports.
wow, interesting!
My #1 company, work a lot for them and they do pay a fee, plus reports are very doable, more about service than food, have gotten a 10 for the past 10 years, reports are a bit long and detailed, but not difficult and they send you a review breaking down all aspects. They also help when trouble strikes, as I remember a bar job where things went sideways, and they were the best, actually calling to figure out what to do......
I'd never compare them to Bare, so much better to work for.

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Love them. Easy bar shops, too. If you’re under 30, look for “decoy shops.” They usually have a fee attached.
About the easiest dining shops I've ever done. Both the bar and dining-room decoy shops have a fee in addition to reimbursement. Those seem to be hard to fill around here, so they are often bonused. I got a bonus equal to the feel last time, so the reimbursement pretty much covered everything. I think the take-out shops are the only ones that are reimbursement-only. Too bad the closest one to me is 22 miles, or I'd do a lot more of them!

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The shop I do is in a food mall and I eat there and take notes. But it is very easy , all a person has to do is read the instructions and take notes of names and the food and how the employees react. I always get a good grade. and the food is great. All shops may not be the same food but its the only shop near me so I may never find out.
Very easy. For the airport dining shops I've done for them, it's mostly multiple choice or yes/no questions. The narrative sections only require a few short sentences.
They're never bonused here because they fly off the board. Completely worth it, and the one I do with the kidlet has great food. The shop itself takes <30 mins, then a free dinner, and a short report. Easy peasy.

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The best thing about Merc is how easy it is contact them. I’ve always been able to reach a scheduler, AND they’re extremely accommodating and professional.
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