Ardent Payment “Reversal”

Here’s a new one for me. On July 22nd a DD was posted to my bank account for the correct amount for a shop done in June. Today, July 23rd, there is a “reversal” posted to my bank account in the same amount. I have just emailed my scheduler. I’m posting here to alert others to check their online bank statements.

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According to Cory Estes:

We are resolving asap! XXXXX (client) switched Accounts Payable over the last month or so and they have been very late on getting payment over to us. We tried to delay payment one more day and it reversed the transactions because they were already submitted. We will submit payment asap!

Good to know. Hopefully no one tried to withdraw or use the payment before it was reversed. If there isn’t enough left in the account to cover it, this could cause some real problems.
Thanks for checking, I noticed this too and hadn't yet heard back from a different person over there...
I got my deposit as well. I’m surprised there was no notice sent to shoppers and there is nothing about this on their website. However I’m glad they corrected it so quickly.
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