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I just started with EPMS and I've done at least five shops with them so. It's actually more fun than I thought. However, when I check my shop history, two of them that I've done have been sitting at a "Received" status for a while. Does this mean I won't be paid for those shops? They are the first two that I've done. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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"Received" generally means that the shop has not yet been reviewed. They tend to get them done very quickly between the first and seventh of each month, but can take longer during the rest of the month. (They cutoff for pay each month is the 7th, so I suspect that they really push to get everything edited in time to pay shoppers.) Recorded shops also take longer to get approved as the editor has to not only check that the report makes sense and was written well, but that it matches the recording.

EPMS is an extremely reliable MSC when it comes to paying shoppers.

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