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I've been doing a fair bit of business with Gapbuster/GBW for the past 3 months... I only realized in mid-June that they have a 4-6 week pay window, or 6-8 weeks, depending on where you look for answers on their website. (8 weeks is IMO on the long end of the MS company's pay scale.) Either way, the end of that pay window for May assignments is coming up, and I have a strange suspicion that I will *SOON* understand why they have trouble finding shoppers for assignments. I am setup on their website to receive my payment via PayPal. Their website doesn't even show the payment for the period as "Pending" yet.

Naturally, I've contacted the scheduler that I work with most often and inquired about payments. They told me that they're looking at a window that's almost 2 weeks AFTER the 6-8 week pay window, but would include payments for both May and June at one time.

Anyone else do work for them recently? I've seen a few posts about delayed payments and even having to contact the MSPA to collect payments from them. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that... I'd like to keep working for them, but I'm not in the MS business to do charity, ya know?

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Meh. They pay when they get around to it but always pay. I don't worry about them. They pay extremely well for the work and it's filler for me, so it's whatever. I have their pay structure listed on my spreadsheet as the 27th of the month following the shop though. Based on your information (and it's possible that has changed since I made my spreadsheet like 6 years ago) then I don't think they've ever paid me late.

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I have worked for & been paid by this company. They are not speedy when it comes to pay, but not the worst.
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