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I just finished my first shop with Maritz, and I think I read on here that you have to submit an invoice. I just did that, and I don't see that invoice anymore. I see the shop as completed, but does that mean it has been approved?

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No, not approved that quickly, but I wouldn't worry. You submitted your invoice, which you can see in the completed shops area. Give it a few days. Their shops aren't difficult and I have never had one rejected.
Too late now but for future shops you may want to print out the invoice. Has to be done right after submitting.
Here is what I do and what IMO, you should do with every shop you perform. You should create a worksheet pertinent to the shop you are performing. By meaning pertinent, have at least 10 spaces for the following:

1) Address of the shop.
2) Identification of the shop. This could be the Visit ID or whatever the MSC uses to identify that particular shop.
3) Specific parts of the shop that the MSC wants you to do (you know, photos, receipts, comments, etc). Staple your receipts to the sheet!
4) Dates - The day you performed the shop as well as a section where you put the date in which the shop may be performed (often, the shop may only be performed in a specific time period - this should be written in when you accept that shop - keeps you from not wasting time and money on a shop performed on the wrong day).
5) Date submitted - the day you debriefed (for Maritz) or when you reported the shop specifics to the MSC.
6) Date invoiced: Important to have this especially so with Maritz. You enter this date and you know that you invoiced them.
7) Invoice number - this would be the number you receive from the MSC (like Maritz) that your invoice was accepted. Important in that if there is a dispute, you can refer to this number with Admin.
8) Invoice amount - This would be (in the case of Maritz) the amount in which you have invoiced the MSC with expectation of reimbursement. Do not confuse this with shop pay.
9) Bonus amount and shop pay - To me, the bonus amount I was told or saw I would receive is the more important space that I write in once I assign my shop. The shop pay, not so much as I have done similar shops and know what the typical pay is to the specific shop.
10) Total expected payment amount This would be the shop pay, bonus (if any) and your reimbursement. Once I receive payment from the MSC, it should have the specific amount of money I received for the shop. I use this space to reconcile my pay versus the expected amount. Often I have come up with a different amount. Usually, it is my fault as I didn't invoice the reimbursement amount correctly.

Upon completion of the shop, reporting it and filling all the spaces on my worksheet, I file it into a folder specific to the month and year it was performed. As an example, all the shops I did in July of 2019 go into a folder labeled July, 2019. For me, it makes no difference as to the MSC or type of shop performed. More important is the date of the shop.
As for Maritz invoices: After I have invoiced Maritz, the invoice page pops up. I save that invoice to a file on my computer or remote hard drive that is labeled year specific, Invoices 2019. The invoice itself is labeled as to the month and day. Example File 2019 would have an invoice entry for Friday August 2nd as 8 2.

Just on of my anal retentive bookkeeping methods that I have found works when the IRS comes knocking.

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Love this! Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I submitted the invoice and thought it would stay there, but I no longer see it.
French Farmer, wow you are incredibly detail-oriented! I'm lucky if I print my invoices for Maritz and chart my payroll expectations. I print all of my CPI's for MF, now since their payroll fiasco, and charted my shops' payroll expectations. For MCX I have a table with the contracting company(gas station brand,etc.), the city or location as identifiable by me, the assignment ID, the total expected pay, the date completed, and the amounts I spent.
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