Stericycle Mystery Shopping

Before I fill out the 21 page application and either mail or fax it to their corporate office, does anyone know if they have jobs available in Arizona?

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Stericycle shops pay a pittance. You sure you are applying for their mystery shops? I don't remember sending a 21 page application.
That's why I wondered what you were talking about, their shops suck. But, the product retrieval jobs aren't bad. I have no idea if they have anything in AZ but at some point they probably will. I do their retrieval jobs and I haven't done one since June. They do have some furniture assembly projects and furniture repair jobs available, neither of which I am interested in.
Thank you. Also, do you know their payment schedule? Is it 30days or 90days or somewhere in-between?
Yes, this 21 page application and data collection information I need to mail them is for the product recall.
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