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I get emails from Shadow Shopper about lots I jobs I don't see in my emails from the 50+ companies I am registered with, but in order to see the jobs they list, I need to purchase a Gold membership for about $50 a year. Has anyone done this? Did you find it worthwhile? I know one should not have to purchase this information, I am just wondering if anyone found this service worthwhile.

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There is no need to purchase a membership. Apply directly with each MS company. You may not see those jobs on the MS company boards because they are already filled.

ETA, also, be sure to sign up with lots of MSCs that are NOT on Shadow Shopper.

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I have never paid anyone to work. You can do this on your own by following the advice above. If you are already signed up with 50 companies you're well on your way. Sign up with at least 50 more.
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