Does Cirrus EVER pay it's shoppers?

They process payments after three months. It rakes another month for them to pay, but you have to remind them.

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@shoppyholidays wrote:
November 24, 2019 06:11AM
I don’t know how to submit my Cirrus invoice. I’ve tried everything. How do I do it—and where do I find it? I’m sorry. *facepalm*

shoppy, at the end of each report, there is an invoice form on which you submit all of your jobs for the month. You then email the invoice for the month to

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More than 100 days from shop visit until pay date. Took more than ten emails to schedulers (who almost always responded) AND to the Cirrus job board (who sometimes responded and sometimes didn't). Not my fav MS company.
To paraphrase the early 60's hit tune by Jay & the Americans, only in mystery shopping would contractors complete work KNOWING there would be problems with payment. I have been self-employed for 56+ years and have never encountered such a phenomenon in any other profession.

At least 10 yrs. ago, I applied for and accepted two jobs for Goodwin. The next day, I learned they were not paying their shoppers and immediately, with an explanation, canceled my involvement. The scheduler sent me an E-letter stating my fees would be promptly sent from a special fund and acknowledged they were considerably past due on shopper payments. I stood firm on the cancellation and deactivated my account.
If I have to keep track I will not get paid. So I will not shop for a company who does this. Payroll is not my department and I refuse to do it for them. I go the extra mile for companies I can count on to pay me on time. Maritz and IPSOS I'm looking at you.
First, I don't understand about signing in under someone else's name and password. Sounds like a trick to get other people to do the work for the person who's name was used to sign in.

Also, there was a big company that went out of business at least 10 years ago. It was called G3 but I don't recall the exact name, possibly Global Growth Group. Many people did route shops and lost pretty serious money, hundreds of dollars in some cases. They reorganized under another name, and I think that company, too, has gone under.

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@guysmom wrote:


No, Goodwin changed their name to 360 Intel. They did not go out of business.
Correct, and they are on the iSecretShop platform.

I always forget that 360 Intel was Goodwin. They don't have the pizza shops in my area anymore, but they have another restaurant shop. That's all I've ever done for them, with the exception of a one-time shipper shop that they had. And that was years ago.

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