Anyone worked with Service check

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I used t do one store for them, they then had a very strict editor, and no longer have that job. Try one and see how you do.

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Hoping that you are talking about the "real" Service Check. I did some work for them a few years ago. They are sticklers for correct spelling and grammar usage when you are filling out your reports on their secure website where you signed up. Just to be clear, you didn't get some check in the mail or asked to buy any gift cards and take photos of them, nothing like that? There are some ongoing scams where scammers are impersonating staff of MSCs with promises of big payments. I see you have been a forum member for 3 months so hopefully you know enough to not make that kind of mistake.
The editing there is nutty. Otherwise, follow the directions to the letter. About ten years ago, I was doing a lunch shop at a diner when the server delivered the completely wrong meal to me. I think it was a patty melt, and I don’t eat beef. I had ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. I told the server that she had the wrong table, and service check did not pay me because I “complained” to the server which was apparently not acceptable. They refused to budge. Honestly, they don’t have any really amazing clients anyway.

Oh one of the best shoppers in the entire industry got deactivated from service check for not getting the first and last name of the sales person at the electronics store. What was she supposed to do? The kid had no name tag on. “Thanks for showing me this power strip. I’m going to need your first and LAST name now.”
Karin and Kate are pretty responsive and helpful. They pay on time, although it's on the slower side (2 months). I don't find their editors to be strict/picky. All my reports have been accepted without any issues and got 10/10 and a nice note from the editor.
@azncollege wrote:

Karin and Kate are pretty responsive and helpful. They pay on time, although it's on the slower side (2 months). I don't find their editors to be strict/picky. All my reports have been accepted without any issues and got 10/10 and a nice note from the editor.
Based on your demographic, I can guess which shops you’re doing. They’re desperate to get those filled. I don’t think that there’s a lot of narrative either.
I do their gas station compliance (which I assume you're referring to), big box electronic store, and did a couple of fast casual restaurant shops in the past that are no longer shopped.
@azncollege wrote:

I also did one of their dog food shops last time I was in LA
Me too. I like that shop.
They have mostly furniture shops in my area. iT is important to answer every question in the narrative but otherwise they are OK. As everyone said, they are very picky,.
I don’t see the large electronics store listed anymore. It was a difficult report and I always got something more needed by the editor. However I only did them when the bonus was worth it. They did tell you to get a printed quotation when they weren’t wearing a name tag with their last name.
@sestrahelena wrote:

Single space after periods!

OMG yes! I have a huge account that requires a double space, so I get gigged on this all the time from them.
Their reporting standards change without warning or reason. They editing remarks are not helpful. They say be detailed and ding one for not being brief they say brief and ding one for not being detailed. Their desire to have negative points seperated from thr main narrative is difficult, especially in those cases where s positive and a negative are interconnected.

Great scheduling support. 99% on-time payments. (Once waa a few days late). But loosy editing and inconsistent and contradictory writing expectations.
I've got mixed experiences with them - but note all of my experiences were outside of the US, so YMMV.

Had one shop rejected because I misunderstood the brief. I didn't put up a fight as I was new with the company but that's only happened to me twice in total...

Communication with the schedulers can be very slow but getting shops accepted can be very fast - sometimes the same day.

Overall, they're not in my top 5 of recommendations, but they're not in my "avoid them like the plague" list either.
I stopped working for them years ago. Their editing was often inconsistent and Karin alternated from nice and professional to rude and hostile. The final straw for me was when Karin sent me an email scolding me for something I did not do because she did not bother to ask me what happened and just assumed the worst. Even if her assumption were correct, her rude and hostile email would be way out of line. I had been shopping for Service Check for years at that point and most of my reports were scored 10/10. I deserved better.
I do a furniture store shop a couple of times a year, often with a bonus that doubles the base fee. I've never had any problems with schedulers or editors.

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Be sure to confirm the shop as soon as you get it. I once got a non-weighted citation for not hitting confirm within a certain number of hours, the only time that's happened to me with any SASSIE-using MSC.
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