Seelevel website "Potential Security Risk "

Anyone else having problems accessing Seel level's web site this morning? I'm getting this on both firefox and chrome- Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.

What can you do about it?

The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the website’s administrator about the problem.

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Well someone from Seelevel emailed me a working link. It's kind of strange my bookmarked link for the MSC doesn't work and neither does the link in the email the MSC sent me confirming the job. Yet the link in the general email begging shoppers to sign up for the fast-food job works fine. Oh well, job done and report submitted.
I got an odd message from the internet when I connected to SeeLevel today. The message said that their site is not considered 'safe'....has anybody else seen this type of message?

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There are several threads here about this. I have to disregard the security warning messages and then can logon. Try this URL which may work directly depending on your browser.
@salisburync wrote:

I got an odd message from the internet when I connected to SeeLevel today. The message said that their site is not considered 'safe'....has anybody else seen this type of message?

I reveived the same warning.
Yes, I am also getting the notification the cert is not valid for See Level, but good for I believe this may be connected to a third party url shortener from but am still checking it out. I have contacted a scheduler for a link to the SeeLevel tech support, because I am skeptical of this connection.
As I said in my thread- "Seelevel website "Potential Security Risk " when I notified them of the problem on the 15th they sent me a link that worked fine but gave no explanation. Also, the link in their emails requesting help on a FF job doesn't seem to have the issue either. You might try going through that link and seeing if you still have a problem.

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I've been using the merged portal for a while now, under Beyond Hello.


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I too got the message but it was stronger and the warning actually said a lot more dire stuff than those warnings usually do. I tried using my password manager and that did not work. Then I noticed that the link in their email had a different url. I changed the url in my password manager and got in with no issues. Here is the url that worked for me. The word shoppers was at the end instead of my old url where it was near the front of the url. []
I get that all the time from Market Force web site all you have to do is continue on and it goes thru.
I am bumping this because, as of 8 PM 8/23/19, it's STILL the only way I can log in!


I've been told their IT people are "working on it", but using the above link is STILL the only way I can log on!
Yes, I have this issue to and cannot log on. The buttons do not work. Scheduler said will contact IT dept.
The easiest way is to bookmark it.

@ceasesmith wrote:

And what do you mean, "saved link"? How do you save a link?
This link is good. Problem solved. Thanks.

@kesslerdee wrote:

Please replace any saved links you may have with this one:

Hello Everyone. Please use this link: [] as our website moved servers. Please let me know if you have any additional issues. (The link I keep typing is showing as an abbreviated version so here it is "written out" It is the usual [] and then please put /shoppers after the .com. Thank you.

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IE calls it Favorites. FF calls it a bookmark. It's where you add the site to a file in your browser so you can easily go to it.
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