Sinclair Customer Metrics: Why is their website so difficult to navigate?

I love shopping for Sinclair Customer Metrics. The shops are generally simple, the reports are so easy I can sometimes do one in about 5 minutes. They often have shops in the tiny towns I pass through on my routes, so they make excellent fillers. The schedulers are great to work with.

The problem is, I have to e-mail the scheduler and have him/her send me a list of the shops, as I find the site to not be searchable.

Am I just ignorant of how to search the site? Does anyone have suggestions, hints, help?

I would happily do many more shops for this fine MSC.....if I could just FIND them!

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Seems over the years they lost all but one client, here they only have a so so pizza place, don't care for the times allowed to do it , starting at four. and for that pizza, pay is too low.
Have no trouble on the site, just different.

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@Irene_L.A. it starts at 4 cause 4 is when the promo starts for the pizza we have to get. I wish they would change the pizza we are required to get.
Wow. They have hundreds of shops in Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana -- and I've never seen a single fast food shop. Are we even talking about the same Sinclair?
Once I log into the site I click the "available shops" tab at the top and then the link in blue that says "online scheduling". Sometimes I click the "qualification" tab and then "briefing". That will tell you all the clients they have in your area. If you keep your briefings up to date you will be able to schedule yourself. If not you may not even see the shops available. It might be beneficial to spend some time on the briefings tab getting everything up to date to ensure that you see everything that you could schedule for yourself.
It could be that you are searching for shops outside the area that the site can show you since you travel such long distances.
@pegleg2000 wrote:

@Irene_L.A. it starts at 4 cause 4 is when the promo starts for the pizza we have to get. I wish they would change the pizza we are required to get.

Yeah, I quit doing them last year. I was throwing the pizzas in the trash. (We have only 8 homeless people in my city. The cops know each and every one of them.)
They have a wide variety of clients all over the country.
Their system is absolutely atrocious for anyone who shops outside of their home area.
You do not have to be up to date on qualifications and briefings in order to see shops.

For people who only shop their local area then it's easy, you automatically see whatever is in your area up to 50 miles (or whatever you set it to). For people who shop all over it's impossible. There are a few shops that I know they have and it's easy to check when I'm in those areas, but for a lot it's impossible. I had thought about emailing for a list of locations but wasn't sure how they would respond. What I normally do is map out zip codes 100 miles apart on my route and add them to my profile, then set them to 50 mile radius. The problem is that usually causes huge problems pulling up the list. Basically they're a last resort company for me. I would do way more shops if their website were easier.

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I have never seen a pizza shop. I see dozens of locations for a particular bank, and multiple locations for a particular shoe store. I do the bank shops and find them relatively easy.

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They have at least 2 different pizza clients. One pretty good, one quite possibly the worst chain pizza ever.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
I have the same problem, since they have such a low limit that they allow on the gas station client. Once we hit that limit, we can't search for jobs anymore and have to email the schedulers to have them send us a list. Even when we can search ourselves, we have to add each zip code individually to be able to search the 50 mile radius of it. They will wind up paying bonuses to get all these remote, rural locations done, when they could be letting us route shoppers do many more of them when we are traveling right by them, if only we could search and self-assign more.
I just got an email for an end of the month bank shop for $17. I hardly see jobs from them. There is one job posted in my area (which is a major market and I'm listed for two major markets in two states).
You have to add each location (zip code) to your profile in order to see shops outside of your home radius.

Last summer one of the schedulers walked me through updating my profile to add the other locations. I felt so remedial but it's a rather confusing process if you don't know how to do it.

I haven't shopped for them in months because most their pretzels shops seems to be airport only now and their bank shops pays less than their other MSC.

I wish they did have more shops in my area and the areas I travel to because they are a nice company to work with.
OK, I have searched all over my profile, and I do not see where to add zip codes.

Any clues, please?
I did some more searching, and found where I THINK you add zips -- under "availability profile".

Alas and alack, the website does not have an "availability profile" tab on my home page.

I guess that means I can't add zips?
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