Pssst… I know how PRESTO! got its name!

(Rant ahead)

It is so frikkin slow that when you choose an answer, like YES, it eventually remembers that it was not finished scrolling and the screen suddenly catches up to you, continues scrolling and, PRESTO! your YES answer has now changed to NO.

If you lose just one bar of reception, PRESTO! You are “Offline.”

With its constant saving (up to one minute each) PRESTO! You are just sitting around waiting for it instead of finishing your report because it will not allow you to work while it is saving.

When it decides that you are offline, which is often, you lose the map of where you were working, and PRESTO! You are now mapped in some random territory it has assigned to you.

A text field causes the keyboard to pop up and, even after you’ve finished with it, PRESTO! The keyboard stays and you only have half a screen to view.

And what’s with that stupid squirrel? It stares and smiles at me while it’s “Searching, searching, searching.” Is this supposed to be cute? Well, it just makes me want to kill it! PRESTO! Dinner!


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PRESTO! You got it, especially with the random map areas.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Hi sestrahelena (is that an Orphan Black reference?) -

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with Presto. If you wouldn't mind, could you send me a PM with info about what type of device you're using and what specific surveys you're having issues on?

We're certainly not trying to give anyone a bad user experience so any help you can give us in improving the app for folks, we'd definitely appreciate it.


Colleen (from Presto)

P.S. It's an otter. smiling smiley
I think Colleen is about to be inundated with PMs. I will get to it soon. Might require writing in Word first as it will be very long.

I never made much of it because generally the $ amounts are so low. No great loss. I just figured it was a very buggy app.
I decided against the PM, Colleen. Sorry. I Truly appreciate your presence here, as I'm sure we all do, to help us shoppers with Presto usability issues. I understand that you want to represent your company well, and promote it as best you can. From reading other posts I know that I am not the only one who finds Presto inadequate and frustrating. Some answers to your questions:

1. YES! The sestra I want to be when I grow up.

2. The device is just a typical android smart phone which works perfectly with other shop apps, including Feild Agent and Shopmetrics-based apps.

3. The surveys were for a Sassie company, could only be done on Presto and required about 5 photo uploads each.

4. It may be a seal but I will continue to mock it as it mocked me each time it was, "Searching searching searching." And it smiled as it did so, thoroughly enjoying my angst! Payback mockery. I called it a lot of other things, too, while it kept me waiting, words not fit for print here!

I realize that Presto was one of, if not THE, original shopping app. Before I had a cell phone, I had downloaded it to my computer to check it out when it was the new big thing. Even then, I found it difficult to navigate, congested, and somewhat wonky. But it didn't matter because I would just as soon go to the Sassie companies' sites and do my work there. So, by choice, I had never use Presto before. But this particular group of assignments required it. Each one took so much longer than necessary for the reasons stated in my original post.

I suggest that you download the Mobi Audit or Ishopforipsos app and give them a try. Make the comparisons yourself. You will see that the Shopmetrics platform apps have left Sassie/Presto in the dust as far as functionality is concerned. They are so smooth! Even with the same phone, same reception and same service where Presto kept telling me I was offline. And they do not have extensive "Saving" episodes which halt the work you are trying to do. Or any of the other problems mentioned above.

Meanwhile, I will stick to internet sites when possible and avoid Presto unless there is a substantial payday involved. It was just such a slow, frustrating experience and, as Sweet Brown said, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

But thank you for being here for us!

My issues are the maps: placing my home center 30 miles away.

Also, when I put in a project code and search for it, every single job is reserved.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Oh! And the clock, I forgot! If you forget to, “Set time and date for now” and have to adjust the time of shop, forgettaboutit! In the minutes section you have the option of 0-4 and 53-59. Nothing in between because the number wheel scrolls from beginning to end with no stops in between. Nor can you get it to stop by trying to slowly turn the wheel. Ugghh!

@sestrahelena Thank you for the feedback. No problem doing it in a post - the reason I'd requested a PM was to avoid identifying the specific project you were doing but from your description I can guess what it is.

I'll pass your comments on to the rest of the team. No promises, but I really do appreciate you taking the time.

- Colleen (from Presto)
Thank you, Colleen. Maybe it can save other shoppers time and frustration some day.

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