Is North Fork Research now called BzzAgent?

I just tried to log into North Fork Research to change my password and something called BzzAgent appeared. Did North Fork Research change the name? If so, when did this happen?

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@eyelove2shop wrote:

An email was sent to shoppers months ago

I never got the email, but when I started getting emails from BzzAgent for shops I knew North Fork had, I figured it out on my own. So the OP isn't the only one who was in the dark!

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They used to be ICCDS on a individual non sassie site way back. The changed to some other name then to Northfork now to Buzz. Who cares what they call themselves. I still do shops for them and still a class outlet.

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Ever since the change, I get an error message when I reply to any of their emails. It says "There was a problem with the sender's domain"
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