MF invalid list, how long

Anyone know how long rejected shops stay viewable on your profile? Ive had 4 over 3 years. They are all still on the list, last rejected shop was 2 years ago.

Also, is there a threshold for being deactivated? Like is it 5 and then warning. 6....kicked off platform?

I'd like to hope that because I do soo many on MF that I won't get booted. From what I've read, it doesn't really matter, I still could be deactivated at some point

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I have never heard of anyone getting a warning before being booted from MF.
And in the past people felt they were booted from MF because they had done so many shops. Reached a threshhold and cut off.

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Yah, I read about that as well. Some said it was 1000. Some said they've done way more than that. I've built up with other MSCs, so I'm not hit hard when /if they do shut me off. Still would suck cause I like the interface, easy food shops as fillers
I was one of the ones (about 2012) who was unceremoniously booted off by MF after doing close to 1200 shops and a few months after being commended for reaching 1000 successful shops. I was told it was permanent. During the June 2019 time period when payments were late and people here said that they were not taking shops, I wrote to MF, told them that I had done thousands of shops fo other MSCs, and I politely asked for a pardon. They granted me a pardon and reinstated me. I did a number of highly bonused shops, knowing the risks. I have been paid, Fees have returned to non-bonused norms. Even "Sam" has reached out to me. Oddly, when I accepted a Sam offer, I heard nothing. I went to the job board and accepted it for more money the next day.

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I have 3 rejected shops still listed. One is from 2011.

smiling smiley

(Appears to be somewhat permanent, LOL! )
Where do you see rejected shops at? I mean I'm pretty sure I've had a couple over the years but if they're in there somewhere they're not obvious to me.

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Oh. Hrm. I didn't even know that page was there. Why even look at it?
It does show 3 invalid shops for me though. 1 from 2013 about 3 months after I started shopping, 1 from a burger joint in North Charleston, SC in 2015. Oddly enough I don't remember even doing this shop. I had to go back to my 2015 spreadsheet and I remember the trip, I did a bunch of new homes and a couple of hotel shops. I don't remember doing this one. Although I do remember eating at that particular location on another occasion. Also how can you screw up that shop seriously? And then a gas station in CA that I screwed up a couple of months ago. I think I did it and forgot to submit it and they cancelled it. But I can't remember now. Oddly enough I absolutely remember the 1st one. I used a card instead of cash at a fast food joint that's no longer shopped.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
All 4 of mine show. I look at that page to check the status of my recently completed shops.

One of mine were for their pilot casual food shop delivery program. During the pilot phase you were required to purchase a fountain drink and I purchased a bottled juice. A few months later, they changed the foundation drink requirement to beverage. I'm still pissed they rejected that shop.
I love when that happens @myst4au...I say I'll do a shop for a price, it doesn't get accepted (or rejected, as far as anyone knows) but then it comes up the next day with a bigger bonus and sometimes a "Make an offer" button that will get assigned almost immediately. That's how I got 20 bucks for a "Who wants a burger" shop.

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I have one from 2004 so at least 15 years! I have no idea what I did wrong back then. I still do shops for them.
I have one from 2009. It was 100 degrees out, and I forgot that I needed to order hot coffee with lunch because every meal required coffee. Rejected. Nobody ever eats there for lunch. I have no idea why they shopped it for lunch? The food there was terrible, and I never went back. Actually, I have not been back for any reason in 10 years.
I have 2 from back in the day. One from 2012 I remember well because I did the whole shop at the large big box store that was in the mall parking lot and it was supposed to be the smaller store of the same name inside the mall that I honestly did not even know was there. Another is there from 2004 when I first started and I remember being very annoyed because it had something to do with the store not having something that they later insisted to MF that they had. (lied to me or MF) I lost out on that argument.

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Yep. I have exactly 11 invalid shops. Curiously, I have two on the list from 2008 that state "Approved" rather than "Invalid" and the receipt and CPI are submitted. I'm guessing I never got paid. I can't remember even visiting this bank?
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