Service Check no jobs available

Service Check has not had any available jobs nationwide for a week. Does anybody know what is going on?

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After reading your post today, I checked the website. A few weeks ago, they desperately needed to fill a shop that was too far away for me at that time.

In short, I dunno. I hope that all is well there...

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When I looked last week I was concerned but thought they had filled all jobs in my area for the month. The jobs I have waiting for payment say "payment pending". I think this is unusual since one was completed less than two weeks ago. I don't remember them going to pending till just before payment but I admit I never paid much attention since they always paid on time.
I noticed the shops dwindling months ago in my area, starting with the bank shops that used to be on the board for a long time.
I’ve been checking daily! I really enjoy working for this company. Reached out to the scheduler this morning but have not received a response yet. sad smiley
There still are no shops posted for Service Check for September. So....have they gone out of business?
Their main website still links to Sassie. E-mails are not bouncing back but I haven't received a reply yet either.

Do you suppose they have been abducted by little green space aliens?
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