Service Check no jobs available

Service Check has not had any available jobs nationwide for a week. Does anybody know what is going on?

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After reading your post today, I checked the website. A few weeks ago, they desperately needed to fill a shop that was too far away for me at that time.

In short, I dunno. I hope that all is well there...

If you’re going through hell, keep going – Winston Churchill
When I looked last week I was concerned but thought they had filled all jobs in my area for the month. The jobs I have waiting for payment say "payment pending". I think this is unusual since one was completed less than two weeks ago. I don't remember them going to pending till just before payment but I admit I never paid much attention since they always paid on time.
I noticed the shops dwindling months ago in my area, starting with the bank shops that used to be on the board for a long time.
I’ve been checking daily! I really enjoy working for this company. Reached out to the scheduler this morning but have not received a response yet. sad smiley
There still are no shops posted for Service Check for September. So....have they gone out of business?
Their main website still links to Sassie. E-mails are not bouncing back but I haven't received a reply yet either.

Do you suppose they have been abducted by little green space aliens?
Just called Service Check and spoke to Kelly. He says everything is fine and we should see available shops beginning of October.
It is still bizarre that they went an entire month with zero clients posted. I do hope everything is fine.
They just posted an announcement on their website saying that Sept and Oct audits have been discontinued. I hope shops will resume in November! They are the nicest people to work with!
Where? I'm not seeing it @ []
@jtrinidad2002 wrote:

They just posted an announcement on their website saying that Sept and Oct audits have been discontinued. I hope shops will resume in November! They are the nicest people to work with!
"Discontinued" is a strong word. Not, "taking a hiatus," "re-engineering our systems," "Gearing up with our clients for a heavy round in November." It sounds fatalistic to me. Either they aren't returning or they aren't returning with the same structure, staff, or clients. Something different.

I wonder if Karin & Company have left Kelly and taken the clients with them.

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There are no shops listed at all right now are they all right? I just read the note on their main page, but has anyone heard from them or is there an update on their status. I loved working with them, this is awful.

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I have no updates...wish I knew what was happening

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Does anyone know who to contact for payments in SA? I perfomed evaluations for them in September but haven't received payment. I contacted my Scheduler several times with no luck and she replied few days ago saying she was on leave and she will check with accountancy until today I'm still waiting for a feedback.
It still says no shops for September or October, but the front page has not been updated so nothing for November either. So upset, they were just the best to work with, always on time with responses and payments. And just nice and appreciative......I am sure you will get paid.
Their company website is gone now, but the Sassie site is still up.

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There was a time when it was commonplace for a firm, ending operations, to send out a thank you letter to vendors (that's us), customers, and employees announcing their cessation, thanking them for the past relationship, and wishing well in the future. Today, when e-communications are so easy, it can be done without the cost of printing and mailing. Sigh.
And I just completed a shop for one of Service Check's long time clients with another MSP.
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