Recent experience with Service Savvy?

I have never done anything for Service Savvy before but see something on their board that is interesting. It is heavy on the reimbursement side though, so I need to know they are trustworthy to pay.

A quick search of the forum showed just a few older discussions. Unfortunately more than a trivial portion of those postings were seemingly related to spotty payment habits. Several posters mentioned prompt payments in the past but recent info seems less sterling. And there's not much that is newer info than a few years ago.

Does anyone have any recent payment stories to tell about them, good or bad? Are they paying on terms without having to bird dog them? Is it handled with a gentle reminder? Or are you do you have to routinely do dunning letters?

Any comments to make on them on topics other than payments?

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They only have one client by me which I’ve done about twice now. It was a super simple takeout shop, and I got a lot of food with the reimbursement. You should see payment within a month or so depending on the date of your shop.
They don't have any shops in my area so I've never worked with them although i am registered. From my understanding they schedule shops for coast 2 coast or vice versa.
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