Service Scouts - Security Intrusion Red Team Audit?

I saw a local football game assignment and it states that it's a Security Intrusion Red Team Audit. There's no details about the assignment. Any ideas?

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Here is their explanation: []

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Yes, I would love to be detained by the Security team for trying to enter the unauthorized areas and bring the contraband in. This assignment can not pay enough.
These are the kind of shops that if the security staff members are doing their jobs correctly, the shopper can be detained or even arrested. If the security staff members are anxiety-prone, someone can get even get shot. If it doesn't turn out this badly, they might decide to llet Homeland Security figure out whether a common printout of a letter (the get out of jail free letter) from the MS company is legit. It's an example of the kind of shop that should only be done by licensed private investigators, who are known to the police, are paid to take these sorts of risks, and can advise the company on scenarios that are less likely to lead to serious trouble for the investigator and even the security staff (compared to the types of information the company is seeking).
I haven't done the shop, yet. I am signed up for next month. The training call I had with the scheduler eased a lot of my concerns. Such as- Contraband can be a food item. They don't want you attempting to "smuggle" said contraband. There really isn't any attempting to break security, from the revised shop notes.
I did a regular shop for them and would not do another without a bonus. I missed the first quarter taking all the pictures, so go early if you want to see the game.
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