Experience with Mystery Shoppers Inc.?

Hi there everyone!
I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with an MSC called Mystery Shoppers, Inc.
I did three shops with them approximately 2 months ago and still have not seen any payment. They owe me $110.00. I have called them and I have heard nothing back. Has anyone else had experiences like this from them or any MSC that did the same thing? What did you do about it?

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All my experiences with them have been very good. I would email them. I don't remember what their pay schedule was but I always got paid on time.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
They are great to work for and always pay. If you email they are pretty responsive. I do know it can be slow though
I always enjoy working for them. As Jessa865 said, message them about your pay issue. They surely will take care of your situation.
Seeing these replies makes me feel better!
I tried calling again and I was told that they are working on July payments this week. So hopefully I'll get paid soon.
Hi @So_Free, i think the pay schedule for them is 30 days after the last day of the month that you did that shop. So, I did a shop for them in July, and they are supposed to mail a paper check on Aug 30th. I just called them a couple days ago and they said they are working on July payments so hopefully we will get ours soon.

Edit 9/13 6pm: I just got paid via paypal so it looks like they switched to that

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I noticed they work with isecretshop for scheduling.

If that's where you reported the shops, look at the blue bar on the far left for payments and click to see if they mailed you a check or not.
Good, company takes about 45 days to get paid though. Price is usually reasonable for the shop/reimbursement.
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