Confero report ratings

I've done a few shops for Confero that involve on the spot rewards. I follow all of the guidelines and Fed-Ex unused gift cards the same day. I keep getting rated an 8 out of 10 with no explanation. Hes this happened to anyone else who has done this kind of shop?

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I did a reward shop, too. Followed all of the instructions exactly. I received an 8, which was disappointing.
I have completed 33 shops over a 13+ year period for this MSC. My scores have ranged from a six to two 10's, with all being paid as agreed; the current average is an eight.
That's just Confero and how they grade. An "8" from Confero is fine. I've gotten some "10s" from them, but mostly they give 8s and 9s. Don't worry about it. A 10 from them is considered outstanding. My understanding is that an "8" is just fine and nothing was wrong. They just don't give "10s" easily.

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Yup, I've been shopping with Confero for over a decade. If you get an "8", you are absolutely fine, even though it is very frustrating knowing that you've given it your best effort and would love to see that "10"!! Over the years, I got mainly 8s at the start. Now I get 9's, and .... unbelievably, even an occasional 10!! But although it is frustrating, you will be paid the same whether your score is an 8 or a 10, and that payment is the most important part. Just relax and you'll be fine with them.
I have 6 10's from 2012 and 2 10's from 2010. I have performed 200 shops for them. Probably have 150 9's and the rest are 8's.
I would not worry about it. It's one of their quirks.
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