Market Force changed the due date after I completed the shop

I had a restaurant shop for Market Force that was due today. I completed it and input my report about three hours ago. I just looked at the Assignment/Receipt Status page on there website and it says it is invalid and that the due date was a week ago today.
I have already emailed the Help Desk and included a copy of the email showing my due date. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

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Attach a copy of your email and the CPI which shows the date due and send to the Help Desk requesting an explanation as to why the shop is invalid? If the dates on both documents show the due date as today, then they will likely validate the shop.
Also if the shop was due a week ago, MF would have sent you an email the morning after it was due to prompt you to report it, reschedule it or cancel it. No way it would have been available to report a week later.
Thank you for your responses. I sent the Help Desk both the confirmation email and a screenshot of the CPI showing my due date was yesterday, not a week ago. I am still waiting to hear back.

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It finally got approved! The lesson here is to always save a copy of your CPI and the emails they send. Luckily I had both to prove my actual due date.
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