The Shadow Agency Hard to get paid

Trouble getting paid?? did many jobs and haven't seen a penny I hear they look for ways not to pay you after its been set to pay they pull the invoice and begin to pick apart your work. I have a friend that refuses to work for them anymore because they don't pay.

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I've never had a problem with not being paid from them before. I do at least 3 long routes for them a year plus additional shops on other routes. Are they on the slower side? Absolutely. Are they sometimes lacking in communication? Absolutely, but then that's true of well over 90% of the companies out there. I've never had the slightest bit of concern with not being paid though.

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I refuse to work for them.
Pay period of 45 days went to 90+.
Emails asking for pay were ignored.
Had to get very tough on them, then deactivated myself. They asked me several months ago to return: I absolutely refused the work.
If you do a search here, their bad payment history goes back almost a decade. Many, many shoppers have bad experiences. Take the “good reviewers” words with a very large grain of salt.
There are good, reputable companies that do the same kind of work (homes, apartments, retail) - send me a PM and I’ll steer you their way.
I'd believe the route shoppers over pretty much anyone else. They don't take kindly to driving large distances just to get stiffed.

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This is the LAST MSC that I would think ever tried out excuses not to pay shoppers. Their reputation is close to the very top among MSCs. Maybe you could shre what they said when not accepting your shop?

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I have always been paid, bit not always according to their published periods. On a few occasions, it was necessary for me to send a reminder for one of the two MSC's for whom they schedule work; I do not recall, though, for which company that applied.
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