Pinnacle Financial Strategies Mystery shop

Has anyone ever heard of this co.? I keep getting emails from them but I do not have them on my list of shops. They are offering a 2 step bank shop, for a sweeeet amount of money, but it sounds a bit scary even tho once you overdraft your new account, the bank will not report it to credit bureau. HUMMMMMMMM!

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I've done a few shops for them and I like them. All I've seen have been bank shops for regular pay, nothing eye-catching. Report forms are reasonable and they pay 30 days after the shop.
I have done other shops for them. That overdraft shop is not in my market. I have found them overall decent to work with but sure wish they would decide on one name for their company and stick with it! I see "Pinnacle" and do a double take because yes, that was "Granite Starr" which used to be "PROS" which I think used to be "Pro Shopper" which . . .
They are a good compny to work for. They were the first and only ones I was doing in Indiana till I moved to FL. They pay prompt. Fairly easy reports. All I did was bank shops for them.
I've done some credit union shops for them. They're ok - standard bank account report and payment in a reasonable time.
I have done a few hundred bank shops in the past 3 years. They are very accommodating when I need to reschedule shops, and I have never had a payment problem. Beats doing fast food shops.
I just did a shop for them hyesterday it is alreadsy completed. I don't have anything else to say about them.
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