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I completed a MF shop this afternoon where I had to take some pictures. I took the require pictures with my phone. However, for some reason it won't let me send them from my phone to my computer

I have done other shops before and have taken pictures with my phone with no problems.

I have restarted my phone and the router. I hate or this shop to be rejected because I did not get the report in on time. I have already e-mail helped desk.

Any other suggestions?


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There are at least five ways to send photos from your phone to your PC. 1) Connect the to devices with a cable. 2) Send the photos via email from email on phone to email on PC. 3) Send photos to one of the many cloud storage systems and access the same system from your phone. 4) Some text messaging programs allow attaching photos and have a corresponding program which runs on your PC (this method will likely result in loss of resolution). 5) Upload photos to your Facebook account from your phone, then download from your Facebook account using your PC (this method will definitely result in loss of resolution)

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Thanks.. After an hour and half they finally came through from my phone to my computer.. I will keep theses in mind for next time.

Thanks again
Isiah..I just wanted to add that when I try to send a bunch of pictures from my phone to my gmail/laptop in a relatively short amount of time. I get delays. What I usually do is I send the pictures immediately to my gmail right after the shop. This works most of the time. I know this is resolved now, but what issue were you having specifically?

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Dawnhu-- They were just uploading very very slowly. The pictures came out real good.. I usually don't have any problems.. I did not think about trying to upload them after my shop.. I waited till I got home.. I will try that next time.

I don't like to report shops from my phone. I like to use a computer. I know all of us are different. But I will accept shops from my phone.

Thanks again
Sometimes, I do everything on the computer except the images. Either I add them in camera mode with the survey form open or I save the report on the computer, open it on the phone, and add images from the phone files. On one occasion, this was several hours faster than waiting for slow downloads, and it satisfied my preference to complete report forms on the larger screen. It is just another little way.

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I share them to a Hotmail email address and they come through instantly- even a zip file with multiple photos. I have never had a delay, unlike with some other email providers which sometimes take forever..
The file size of phone pics is so huge that they take forever to load and transfer. That is often the problem. And many phones don't let you change the camera settings to a smaller files size.

OP, exactly how were you trying to transfer your photos from the phone to PC? You said “it won't let me send them from my phone to my computer”. What is the “it” you are referring to?

I have tried most of the methods in this thread but found Microsoft OneDrive works best for me. However sometimes it’s not as fast as I would like. I wish there was a way to force the sync. I did find that by opening the OneDrive app on my phone, the photos do move more quickly to the PC, so perhaps that initiates the sync process.
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