Alphabetic order... please

Wish schedulers would put states in alpha order in requests..... I got one today that had my state three times mixed in with other states. Too hard to scan and look. Ipsos is notorious for this :-(. Among others

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I could deal with out of alpha order, if they would just put all the shops in one state together!
I can deal with out of order, states and/or provinces. What drives me crazy is when there are no shops, not only in my Province (I am Canadian, as a lot of you already know. And hence my signature), but that aren't even in my Country. I hate scrolling done to find the shops (often with a nice bonus) are no where near me!

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
This has just started to happen to me in the past several weeks. Before that they were always sorted by alphabet and I felt myself lucky to be at the top of the list with a C. I always felt bad for those of you in Utah or Wyoming etc who had to scroll to the bottom and now it is impossible to pick them out.
No one's talking about IPSOS here, huh, hahahahaha....not in my state, either. And the scheduler didn't respond to my email about it asking why (sent several days ago).
I sent an e-mail a couple of weeks back and they insisted that they were in order. I sent them the out of order list from my e-mail and never heard back. She said their system automatically put them in alphabetical order by state.

My pet peeve is the same scheduler will send out two or maybe three e-mails with different states listed for the same project. Then I have to look at all three to see which one has my state on it.
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