Member XP/ CU Solutions...legit?

I received an email from someone named Lori Fitzgibbon who said she was the Client Relations Manager for MemberXP and CU Solutions. It seems they shop credit unions. I signed up briefly on their website which didn’t ask for personal information. Since then their emails have been full of grammatical errors and their shopper welcome video had the “owner” fumbling over her words. Before I continue on signing up with them I want to know if anyone else has heard of them or got the email from Lori? There are some red flags that has me unsure about them. Especially since I can’t identify what the company name actually is. From the email, website and video I’ve seen three different company names.

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I have never heard of them. If you ever have additional information, please let us know.

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I'm signed up with them but I've never heard from them and when I sign in I can't ever get past the front page. They look legit and as you say appear to focus on credit unions. They are at, 800-548-4417.

Edited to add: I don't know about the CU Solutions part. I haven't seen that on their site.

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