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A couple of years ago, I needed help getting paid from IPSOS. I had changed my Paypal email address, made all the notifications and still didn't get paid for months. Finally I got help from Bhaveesha Siyani. Now I need help again, I sent an email and it bounced. Does anyone have an address for someone to solve payment problems when all else fails?

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Sadly, no. There are plenty of discussions lately about this issue but I don't know anyone that has found a person at IPSOS that responds. If you find someone, please share. I'd love to get paid the shipping on a job I completed last year that they forgot to add to my pay.
The couple of times I've had a question or problem, I've just emailed the Summit scheduler and gotten a response.
In my experience, Summit's usual response is to say that it's not their area but they will forward the concern on to someone at IPSOS or occasionally just to say sorry it's not their job and leave it at that. In the end the result is the same, IPSOS doesn't fix the issue or make contact with the shopper. Bhaveesha was a great help a few years ago but I haven't heard back from her in a long time.
Sad. And NOT at all good.

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I just e-mailed my scheduler and asked her to forward the e-mail to the appropriate person.

Pay issue resolved shortly after, as I got an e-mail from someone at IPSOS who asked what the specific problem was, and then she fixed it.

Don't know if I kept the e-mail, and it was from...March or April.
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