Pizza at which MSC?

Hello! I used to perform pizza shops which required specific pictures of the pizza at 90 degrees with some info written on the box. That company no longer is contracted I assume as I have not seen any more shops on that platform. Can anyone please direct me to the MSC which completes these pizza shops?

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They don't have them in my area. In fact, they seem to have totally disappeared in my area.
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Thank you. I signed up with sinclair and see the pizza place with them. I was looking for the one in which starts with "father" and then ***. lol I understand we don't reveal MSC and client names....
Pretty sure they are no longer shopped since that spokesperson's verbal indiscretions went public and cost them A LOT of business. I rarely see ads anymore and even during busy times when I pass by one, they're not at all busy. There was only one shop in the last two years but it was for a specific promotional item.

This makes sense!! I forgot about his nonsense. Hahaha I'm just trying to get a free dinner for the family.
HS Brands has a mall pizza counter. Intellishop had a strip-mall pizza occasionally, but they don't seem to have them anymore. Customer Impact has a Blaze-stye shop sometimes. So does Second-to-none.
Second To None also has pizza shops but it seems fading less and less. Different pizza from the one you mentioned though but it's a good one.
I haven't seen the Second to None pizza shops in a few months. I liked that pizza.

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