Printing problems

It seems that when Microsoft did an update, it has screwed up printing abilities for manyHP printers.
Whem I try to print something from Google Chrome,. I get knocked off completely and if I try to copy and paste to either windows or docs. and it wll not printt from there either,.
Called the Geek Squad and was told that many clients are having the same issues.
When I seached Google, I was able to see that some patch that Microsoft did caused the problem. The Geek squad told me that Microsoft is working on the problem and hopes that in a few days it will be fixed.
The only way I can print is thru Internet explorer.
Is anyone else experiencing issues?

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I have long thought that if Bill Gates wants to make the world a better place, he should start with Microsoft. More and more, they treat your stuff like it was theirs.
Yes, I cannot print in Chrome at all. It puzzles me, as I could previously.

So far, I have been able to open the necessary website on Firefox. Firefox continues to print without problem.

So does Pale Moon.
It is always with a heavy heart that I download and install Microsoft updates. I understand that they cannot ascertain that their patch will work with all software run in Windows and with all printers/scanners etc. But it is annoying how much stuff gets altered or turns into sludge speed with the updates.
Well, I am glad (sort of) to know that I am not the only one having printing problems recently, and it extends to other browsers as well.

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I thought it was just ME....I just hate change, and thought perhaps it was because of my age.

It distresses me no end when something I could easily accomplish last week I discover I cannot do at all. With no warning, and totally out of my control.

Is a puzzlement!

(My contemporaries will recognize the quote.)
I have never, ever allowed automatic updates to my computer. If something really needs updating, I'll find out sooner or later. There have always been numerous reports of automatic updates messing up computers, so I don't allow it.....ever. Right now I'm running Windows 7 Home, and have been using that for the past 5+ years on my laptop. I've MANUALLY updated something maybe two or three times in that period.
I considered not allowing automated updates but then got to spend time weeding through what seemed important to me and what was not. What I allowed was just as likely to bring with it user interface issues as the whole package, so where was my gain for time spent? Security patches I can't afford to disallow. They are sort of like the flu shot--they might make you feel yucky for a day or two but they are better than being knocked on your rump for a week to ten days by the flu because you didn't get the shot.

I got an update just a few days ago and there were some new quirks to my machine once installed. Last night I got still another update and a couple of things are now acting like they did a few months ago before an update took them awry. It is a roll of the dice. One of my sons has suggested I use Linux. I am aware he spends a lot of time reading about the kernels that can/should be upgraded to. No thanks. My other son suggests I go to a MAC, but I have no intent to be a prisoner to the 'Appleverse' of products Apple will allow on their OS. There are no perfect answers, so when Microsoft throws out an 'update', I'll take it.
I guess it is a good thing for me I still use Firefox. I had no idea there were printing issues until I read this post.
But I hardly ever print anyway. I make my little cheat sheets by hand.
6 weeks ago, I installed the automatic updates from Microsoft and my laptop crashed. Kaput. I was able to fix this with a reinstall of the o/s and all my docs on a flash drive. After talking with geeks, it became clear that there were flaws with the updates. I changed setting to no automatic updates, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Microsoft says their future updates will allow the recipients to choose what updates they wish to install, and which to ignore. Not good enough ! Same goes for IPhone o/s updates. Their o/s updates wrecked my iphone, and the iphones of many others. I ignore their updates, too.

If your printing functions are not working, try using an apple device to print: tablet or whatever. That is what I have been doing and it works. Good luck everyone.
Thanks for the reminder. This next (latest?) update is causing headaches for about 8 million pc's. i haven't had it yet and am going to disallow automatic updates right now until I read somewhere that it's been fixed.

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Try uninstalling the printer drivers, then reinstalling them. Then check your printer settings when you print.

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You might check the HP website to see if THEY released a new driver to fix the problem that Microsoft created.
I discovered when trying to turn off automatic updates that windows 10 no longer gives me that option. I can delay updates for 35 days at the longest.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
@sandyf wrote:

I guess it is a good thing for me I still use Firefox. I had no idea there were printing issues until I read this post.
But I hardly ever print anyway. I make my little cheat sheets by hand.
I use a branch-off browser of Firefox called Pale Moon. It works for about 99.5% of what I access on the internet and for my printing. Uses up lots less resources as well.
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