Coyle hotel loyalty shops

These may be new shops, or maybe I just haven't noticed them before. How long does the elite status upgrade for the shop last? I did a Marriott elite loyalty shop for another MSC in 9/17 and because of the merger, my upgraded platinum status became titanium, which I am still enjoying more than two years later. I'm thinking it won't expire until next January.

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DrTerminus - Alas, you mentioned the MSC and the client in the same post. That is not permitted. You need to edit your post before the Moderator either yells at you, deletes your post, or both.

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You did not read my post accurately. I said that I did a Marriott shop for another MSC, so I did not mention them in the same post.
The shops are re-issues if the hotel failed the loyalty portion of the larger assignment, I think...but IF you get the upgrade, it seems to be perpetual....
Is it part of the brand audit or not? The top description says it is but the important notice at the bottom says it’s not. Weird.
It looks like they separated the loyalty audit portions from the brand audit on some properties.

The last hotel assignment I performed was brand audit without loyalty and they told me it was because the hotel already passed the loyalty portion, so I assume these new ones are the opposite of that....
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