How Much of A Bonus Are You Getting From Ipsos

I tried to search by the Big Box Electronic store name and bonus but it didn't bring up any threads.

How much of a bonus are people asking for and more importantly getting on their $95 audit shops? It seems the schedulers are always asking what type bonuses are needed on a monthly basis.

There are two of these stores in my area that I might consider doing with a suitable bonus, but I don't want to underbid for a shop.

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Asking a competitor (e.g. a fellow shopper) what prices are charged may well be illegal under pricefixing laws. That said, the last thing I want to do is give any information which would make another more likely to secure business that I would rather secure myself.
Hmm, it depends on what the job is. I only do shops or audits on the Shop Metrics side, and I don't do those audits on the Sassie side. I wouldn't even do them for a bonus. Did you already get your background check and jump through the other hoops necessary to do the audits?
Wouldnt you also need to know what store location, how distant the store is from the shopper, ho many they have done before, what the weather is (a shop performed in a nor'easter or a snowstorm or a fire is worth more than a fine weather shop), and a lot of other factors. If by some wild chance, you found out the bonus from someone who does audits at the same store gets, what would you stop you from bidding $5 less in order to get the job? Frankly, I can't see how you are going to get any useful information from your question.

You need to decide how much of a bonus is required to entice YOU to do one. That is really all that matters.

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We in the bordering area but not far away from each other

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I don’t touch the electronics store shops for TVs at $12. They seem to leave the board before reaching $20 in my area. I don’t do them that often.
I've recently seen that the $95 audits are getting $100 bonuses which leads me to believe that they are hard to fill or $200 would be a better price for an 8 hour shop.

Their other electronics shops for TVs now require two department interactions at $12. They also seem to linger until bonused in my area.
The $12 electronic store shops in my area fly off the board at $14. There are usually a few available at $15 and sometimes I'll see a $20 but those are fairly rare around here.
I haven't done any of the audits. But my understanding is you spend the entire DAY on the audit, so it would have to pay me enough to equal what I could make doing other shops in one day.

I doubt they would EVER bonus that much, LOL.
Bonus really differs based on stores and state. I live in Illinois where most stores are in Chicago area. I've asked my scheduler and have been told that most IL stores don't pay high bonuses because they are closer together. BUT on the other hand, I've driven to Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri for last minute, must do audits and I usually base my request on the miles, drive time and fuel necessary to complete. I'd consider what is it going to take for you to get there and your time. If they say No then you can ask for counter offer, or drop your amount a bit or decline. The locations that are offering $100+ are usually stores that are remote, far from populated areas or few auditors. Casper, WY starts at $200 because it's difficult to get someone there. Anchorage same way. Hope this helps.
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