Market Force e-mail abuse? Not the only one.

I have appreciated Market Force. I have not performed jobs for them in several years but I have always respected and appreciated a lot about working for them.

Yesterday....10:48 AM, 12:39 PM, 1:39 PM, 2:39 PM, 3:49 PM, 4:41 PM, 6:03 PM,
7:16 PM, 10:21 PM....messages were received asking for participation in the same survey. Is it reasonable for me to feel that 9 contacts in just over 12 hours is abusive? This is beyond reason. It would seem one message and perhaps a second plea to request participation should do it.

This is all too common with other sources as well of late. Perhaps others send as many contacts but the posts include assorted, and yes, sometimes duplicate pitches with a little variation of locations at times. Is there any way to deal with this besides declining all messages and having to sign onto MSC boards directly?

Suggesting I encumber their people with repetitive emails will not be reasonable so please refrain from that option.

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I received the same emails. I also get multiple emails per hour begging to take an steakhouse/cellphone/credit card shop that is 500 miles away. And then there are the urgent shops with no fee or bonus. And lets nit forget the trail of emails for the airport shops.

Meanwhile, the heavily bonused bank job that I want is sitting in my spam folder.

It all goes with the territory.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I feel you. I'm burnt on some companies emailing me about EVERY SINGLE SHOP THAT'S AVAILABLE. I put you in Spam mail. Honestly, why not just offer a bonus instead of harassing us with a flurry of desperate emails.
I am a little irked about the multiple e-mails regarding the survey.

I am especially irked because I fell for the very first one. "Only takes 10 minutes". Yeah, right. You can't see how long it is, and every time I thought I was done, yet another question popped up. I get PAID for taking surveys, MF, so keep your stupid surveys to yourself.

No, I didn't complete it. I quit after 10 minutes, and have absolutely no idea how many pages were yet left. Maybe it does only take 10 minutes if you just answer "no" to each question.

Besides, the questions are stupid. What type of restaurant do I prefer? Good grief. It absolutely totally depends on what I want to EAT -- and today I might want tacos, tomorrow egg rolls, Friday pizza, Saturday just a really good steak. So on those days, I prefer that type of restaurant.

I think I got 8 more e-mails for the stupid survey. Thought maybe it was a glitch.

Okay, rant over.
I also kept getting same emails for survey, and wrote back and got an answer next day saying they are having tech problems, apoligized and said they are working to fix wasn't intentional.

Live consciously....
I'm glad to hear it wasn't intentional. Because it was very annoying. I know annoying and repetitive emails go with the territory but geez sometimes it's just too much.
I only got two emails, one yesterday and one today. Has anyone here ever actually won the $50 Amazon gift card?
I refuse to do any more surveys. Increased junk mail and spam if you fill any survey out.
While the emails are an annoyance, I'd say you are being pretty dramatic to call them abusive.
I took the survey..only received one or two emails about it perhaps because I did the survey. I would not notice the annoying number of emails because it is so much less annoying than the spam phone calls I get. Yesterday "Apple" called me hourly for 6 hours. I did not answer any of them but still needed to listen to the phone ring and then delete the many messages they left.
In other issues the last survey was a bit ridiculous I thought. If we were not mystery shoppers the survey would give them an accurate view of the world of eating out at restaurants. But as a mystery shopper most of the answers I gave were due to mystery shops. Yes, my last xyz type restaurant within six months was a abc restaurant. But I only went there because I had a shop. So these surveys do not reflect the real world at all.
Well according to what some say they should be paid for applying to shop for the companies.
I am not of the group who feel you must be paid for everything. Yes they could offer me a dollar to do the survey. I think not much more since they offer me $5 to drive somewhere, take pics, write up a report etc so at that rate what is a survey sitting in your house worth?And offering pay for a survey has less chance of garnering true answers rather than someone clicking boxes just to get through it. But as I noted above, this last survey asking specific questions about your restaurant eating habits was really not helpful when my restaurant eating habits are based on mystery shop offers and not on where I would eat on my own dime. That seems to be what they really want to know.
A big part of why I do mystery shopping is because I want to improve outcomes and I hope that some of the surveys they send (not this one) will help in how they structure surveys or even how they might acquire some other types of restaurants that may turn into a job for me at a non burger, non fast food place. Yes I would love to survey places that serve REAL Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian or other non American or Americanized cuisine. But that would probably happen at a different msc. I can always hope.
@sandyf, I received many, many emails. It takes much more than that to I filled out the survey while commuting. That's down time for me. My experience has been a mixture of dining out while MS'ing and on our own regarding eating out. I have filled out surveys for other MSCs as well. I have never won anything. I hope we win, LOL!
Well Made to Shop and I are waiting to hear if we won. We will let every one know if we do.

@roflwofl wrote:

I only got two emails, one yesterday and one today. Has anyone here ever actually won the $50 Amazon gift card?
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