This week in my area it seems that there are only bank shops available

There are so many bank shops available that I’ve already done, as well as many shops that I have to wait 90 days or 6 months to shop again. I even saw a shop that said if you’ve shopped them for another company (which I have) you can’t accept it. Sigh. It might be a tough week for me! I might have to spend tomorrow searching for more companies to sign up with (I’ve got all the most talked about on this site; I’m probably up to 75-80 now).

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I go through stretches where there are not many jobs for a week or two, then suddenly there's a flurry and I'll have 15 booked. Just how it is sometimes.
I have noticed that before, too. This week is particularly bad for some reason. Just about everything I see posted I’ve already done, and there is a 9 or 10 month rotation. So today I’m focusing on E-Bay!
I am in the wasteland of shops and for some reason, I got 3 bonused shops in 3 days this week and it's extra surprising because it's in the beginning of the month. The one shop I did today was a leftover from the end of the month and I guess it was ok to go into the first few days of this one.
I think these things just go in spurts. In some areas, there are a ton of shoppers and no shops and in other areas, it's vice versa. There's bound to be some ,months where you'll find it difficult to make ends meet and others where you're making a record amount. It's all about balance, but ride the wave and see where you are.

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When you have a day when you do not have as many shops as you want, it is time to sin up with 5-10 more MSCs. With so few, rotation is always oin to be a problem. Time to explore and Discover !

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I found 3 leads today, but none of them seem to have shops within 100 miles of me. Hopefully they will at some point. It’s tough to determine who has shops in a certain area. Some certainly are US-wide, but I’m seeing others only in certain parts of the country or even some only in the major metropolitan areas.
And the week I have very few shops I don’t want to add those where I have to spend $70 of my own money, which won’t get reimbursed for 6 weeks.
Every single time I think that it is going to be a bad month: things start out slow and end up very good. Last month started out as dead as could be. I ended the month with 172 shops completed. That's real shops with real narratives and real pay. I am hopping November will be dead too.
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