Market Force rude and pushy callers.

I received a call from Market force and was asked to do a shop in a town about 30 miles away, I told them I couldn't do it, my father in law died and I had visitation and a funeral this weekend. The person got very pushy started saying, "you can do it today, you can do it for $8.00," I replied "no, I can't I have a lot going on this and it's just not possible," she replied you want more money I give you $12.00," again I replied "no I have a funeral." From there she just continued to raise the money and push more and more you can do it, I finally said, "no and I am hanging up," I was in tears at this point and in complete disbelief that someone could be so rude. I'm not going to accept anymore of these calls from them, every time they call I get someone in a foreign country, speaking broken English wanting me to go a ridiculous amount of miles for less than what they are offering on the board. It's really sad, because I like working with this company.

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I only answer the calls from the American schedulers now. Not only can I barely understand what the others are saying, but they are too pushy for people who can't authorize decent bonuses.
Man, you guys is TOUGH.

Agreed, the overseas schedulers can be difficult to understand. I just say, hey, wait -- I'm having trouble understanding you, would you please speak more slowly? Then they slow down and I can understand.

And remember, these people work where the minimum wage, by law, is $8 a DAY A DAY, not an hour. So they honestly can't see why a two hour drive should be worth $40 or $60 bonus. It's a cultural divide.

I seriously doubt the MSC pays over minimum wage.

(And, in the days when they COULD call me, I never had any problem getting the bonuses I asked for. They would say, have to talk to supervisor to get this OK, I'll call you back. I can't imagine what it would feel like to offer a shopper a fee that's more than I make working all week. And I have GREAT respect for anyone who can learn English as a second language well enough to use it at a job. I can say please and thank you in about half a dozen languages, and I can understand much more, but I cannot speak a foreign language. I never ran into a rude scheduler at this MSC, either overseas or USA based.)

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The cultural divide also applies to what we consider good manners. They have a different culture and the pushiness seems to be a part of that. They don't think they are being rude, I am quite sure. I was very put off in the beginning but have come to realize they don't know they are being what I would consider borderline rude. So either just don't answer calls that say "Marketforce", and wait for the GA schedulers to call, or give them the benefit of the doubt.
Like Cease I have no trouble getting bonuses from them. Yes they offer me ridiculous amounts at first but I just say no (politely) and they catch on very quickly.
I suspect the scheduler on the phone with you thought the funeral was an excuse. There have been times I gave real life reasons I couldn't shop and they continued to offer me more money, obviously thinking I was just trying to get my price up. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
It's strange how the foreign schedulers always initially offer lower than the original base pay, even at the end of the month when they are desperate.
I asked if I could start my after darl station shop when it actually gets dark and I got a form email saying that what is on the org request has to be done as stated. It gets dark at 5:30 now and I can not do the shop until 7 PM. I guess I will just have to sit on the side of the road with my thumb up my neither regions until time. I did manage to find some other shops close by that would actually make me a profit for doing the shop. But I am thinking ah what the heck.
I have told my schedulers, no phone calls, just email me.
I would speak with a scheduler if we had a relationship and they would know it would be with a bonus only.
Actually, they do not.

smiling smiley wrote:

How can you tell they are American? All calls originate from the same number.
wrong thread...look at bare English test if you are at all curious.

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I was wondering what happened to my reply. I wrote it directly under the last reply that said they had never seen anyone use unthaw. Then it never came up. I keep checking tho. I will move it.

Sandy: this might be a different thread. LOL!
Just as MF is in a race to the bottom with shopper fees, they are too with schedulers' fees (and, it seems, schedulers.

I tell them, "If it is important, please e-mail me. I only accidiently picked up your call."
First off, I'm sorry that you experienced that unexcusable interaction. That being said, if I only took US-based calls and e-mails from MF I'd be out four figures a year in bonuses. I only get a US-based call once or twice a year, and I shop some locations they handle 2-3 times a month. 95% of the time I simply say "I'm away until Monday, call back when you have a shop for next week" or "That location is too far, sorry, but call me when you have something closer" and they say they'll make a note of it and the call concludes. The few times where they keep pushing I just say I have to go and hang up, and that's it. By the way, in recent months I've noticed that for shops I've done many times they often open with the usual heavily bonused fee I get for that shop and there's no negotiating needed. Last night this happened and I was able to hang up in about five seconds with two newly assigned bonused shops.
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