Go Spot Check app is a pain in the butt!

So I'm supposed to be doing audits for Customer Impact at two different locations. Starting date is today. I've reviewed the guidelines, and the audits are supposed to be done on the Go Spot Check app. I pull up the app...and the jobs aren't there. Last week I had a different type of audit, also with CI, and the job was listed on the app. What gives? And BTW, this app is not very user-friendly. Last week when I did the audit and hit submit, it deleted all the photos and information and I had to re-enter everything. Anyone else have issues with this app?

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When you enter it does not delete the pictures you just need to wait until it connects with the server. It can take a minute. If you have a slow connection and are at a casey's you can connect to free wi fi and it goes fasters. I was very frustrated in the being. The wifi only works while you are in the store or just outside the door.
Thanks. It was at a Shell station and I have unlimited wi-fi. There was some type of glitch in the system, I think. I waited ten minutes after submitting and then everything just disappeared! Any idea why my two audits for today aren't showing up?
Phoebe70 - Call us! We'd love to help. Could be a lot of reasons it isn't showing up but I bet we can get you taken care of in no time. 979-693-2260 ext 6. Someone on the Retail Services team will be happy to assist you.

Daniel Price
Chief Operating Officer
Customer Impact, LLC.
I have noticed sometimes when cellular coverage is spotty, the assignment goes through, but due to some kind of glitch it stays on the to-do list. If I pull it up again, it doesn't have any photos or information. But if I check "My Activity,", it is on the list as either submitted or submitting or whatever. That is what counts. In those cases, I just ignore the new listing, make sure to submit it as done on the CI website, and everything is fine.
I used to app a year ago and have one for later this month hopefully it will work for me. But I would never use free wi-fi without going through a VPN. It does slow it down but that is better than getting the phone trashed by someone that is practicing their hacking skills.
personally, i have noticed that ever since they changed the design of the app, it’s been a lot more spotty. i never had a problem with it until the design change. places with bad coverage the app often won’t even load in the store, or if it’s already loaded, you’ll get booted from it. fortunately, everyone who works for the MSC is awesome, so i haven’t had any problems sending the schedulers the photos and they input them into the app themselves. the rest of the questions i just make notes on my phone and input everything when i can use the app again. it would be nice if they made it so every photo question has the option of pulling up photos from your phone, as only about half of them do as it stands.... that way i wouldn’t have to give the schedulers more work.

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