Company doesn’t reveal restaurant until you accept the job?

I saw a dining shop that pays $30 reimbursement, but it didn’t mention pay so I’m guessing there is none. In order to decide whether the reimbursement only is worth it or not, I usually look at which restaurant it is. There are a lot of tourist-traps in my area that are way overpriced, and reimbursing say $30 when it’s going to cost $50 is no deal in my book. Strangely, this shop description says they will give the restaurant name in their acceptance letter. I’ve never seen this before. Is this usual for certain companies? To me it’s like the hotel bidding sites, where you accept the price without knowing the hotel you will be staying in until after you agree! I guess I’m not good as a risk taker ... hahaha!

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I would tell the scheduler in order for you to do the shop correctly you need to know the name of the restaurant or you can't shop it. This did happen to me in the past, but not with a restaurant. The scheduler told me I couldn't read the Guidelines unless I excepted the shop, which I thought was ridiculous. I finally got the Guidelines.
On a similar note, is the receipt of a shop with at last two pages of information, but devoid of the fee; I quickly delete the letter, If an MSC were proud of the money offered, it would be so stated.
I have seen these types of offers quite regularly. I live in an area where many shops are snapped up so if I take the time to email a scheduler the shop is assigned to someone else by the time they respond and more often than not they do not answer my question but just tell me the shop is no longer available. Then I write back and ask if I can still know the place for next round.
But for some of them they have the address or if I live in the area I can tell which place it is. If you google the address if it is there you will usually find out what place it is. Or you might recognize the place by the few details they give after you have been doing restaurant shops for a while. Sometimes I know the restaurant from a previous msc so the clues they give totally tell me which place it was as the report has remained basically the same as the last msc had it.
Only some MSCs tell you what the company name is before you accept the shop. Many of them only have a generic term like quick gas station mystery shop.

But I don't see any problem with asking the name of the restaurant. And like somebody already said, if they answer too late for this round, at least next time you'll know what the restaurant is.
Typically the listing does provide an address, somewhere. I just google the address in that case. I would not apply otherwise.

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I’m guessing there is no fee, but only reimbursement. If it’s a location I enjoy I might be tempted.
Like others have said, I google the address and then know which restaurant or business it is.
You are allowed to say the name of the MSC as long as you don't name the client in the same thread.

Now THAT I have never seen before. There is no way I would accept a restaurant shop without knowing what part of town it is in.
That’s easy, because they don’t say who the client is or the address! Haha! It lists only the city, which is quite large in terms of mileage and has really nice areas, but also really bad areas that I wouldn’t step foot in. Bestmark.
Oh, right. Well in the past, I have emailed Bestmark schedulers when I saw only the city and they told me the name of the restaurant. So you are saying when you emailed, they wouldn't tell you, or is that just what you read on the website?
Definitely I would need to know the restaurant name before I requested it. There some pizza shops for $30 that I would not do. Also some “fancy” burger places.
The OP stated that they only gave the name of the city. It's Bestmark, they do that. No street address to Google search.

@flygirl wrote:

You can usually Google the address and find the name.
I think Guest Check does it this way, too. They don't provide any way of finding out the restaurant before you commit. The scheduler acted shocked that I wanted to know and still wouldn't give it to me so I accepted it, found out it was someplace I didn't want to go, then cancelled it.
If that's how you want to play the game, your policies are not my problem.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Bestmark has always posted their shops with just the venue and city. The overview also lists the zip code and a more detailed description. I've usually been able to use that search criteria to help pinpoint the location.
As ICs we are totally within our rights to decline an assignment when we find out that the terms are unacceptable. So, if those terms are only disclosed when a shop is assigned, I feel free to then, promptly, decline to carry out the assignment. End of story. And, I have never had negative consequences for promptly withdrawing and providing the reason.

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