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What format is Informa using for their uploads? I have a project I am doing and am unable to upload my document using either Word or Powerpoint.

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I'm doing an assignment for them tomorrow. I've always used paint (png) screenshots in the past and that's what I will attempt tomorrow. I'll check back in and post about it.
I have a little note next to my link to Informa log-in reminding me that my photos will only upload if I access their site from Firefox.

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It seems as though Sassie will only allow uploads from certain browsers. Firefox no longer works for uploads. Google chrome has been our new go to browser. If your files will not upload try using Google Chrome and all your issues should be resolved.

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Briana Baca

Briana Baca
Field Director (In-House Scheduler)
Informa's CXR Team (formerly Informa Financial Intelligence and Informa Research Services) CXR - Stands for Customer Experience
I always use Google Chrome. Good to know. And paint (png) screenshots will suffice? I could see where Word and Power Point files (what the OP has been trying) might be too large for the website to accept. Is that the case?
Yes PNG, JPG, DOC and PDF files will all work. There are no shops that would require the upload of a PowerPoint file.

Briana Baca
Field Director (In-House Scheduler)
Informa's CXR Team (formerly Informa Financial Intelligence and Informa Research Services) CXR - Stands for Customer Experience
Paint is the default program on my computer for screenshots and is what I have been using for about a decade or more for MS uploads. Good to know I don't have to do anything different.

OP, hope you get it figured out.
Briana - I can assure you that I was using Chrome and every time I attempted to upload a doc file I got an error message. I used Paint this morning and was able to upload. I've done Informa projects in the past with no problem using the doc files. This was my first project using the Sassie platform. It might be useful to put information in the instructions regarding browser and app to use for screenshots.
I just got an email from Informa showing my payment information and stating that I would receive notification regarding the payment through Zelle in 1-3 business days. I'm confused...I thought they paid via Paypal? My profile with them says my preferred payment method is Paypal. Do I need to set up an account with Zelle?
Yep, my profile said the same regarding Paypal. After attempting to set up my payment with clearXchange, which is now Zelle, I gave up. After speaking to Informa rep. I asked about the Paypal option and was told that Informa never used Paypal. I do know I was always paid by check. I had difficulty trying to get my debit card set up to use the Zelle app and got so frustrated. I read the reviews on Zelle and half of the reviews loved the app and the other half had similar problems to mine and hated the app. I even called Zelle customer service but could barely hear the svc. rep. so hung up. I decided that I will not shop for Informa anymore.
BTW, I could not find any way to set up Zelle as an account on my computer so that I could log in and see my account and transactions. I may be wrong but it appears one can only use it via a mobile device. Can someone enlighten me if this is incorrect?
Interesting. So the main bank that I use accepts Zelle payments. And when I log on to their mobile app, it says that my email is verified to accept Zelle payments. I guess I did that at some point in the past. But I don't fully understand how Zelle works. I'm assuming Informa sends a Zelle payment to my email address. And then it automatically gets deposited into my bank account? But what about someone who has multiple banks? If they use Zelle with all of their banks, how does Zelle know which bank and account to send the money to?
I'm not sure exactly how it works. Initially I rec'd an email from clearXchange stating that Informa had sent me money and I had 3 days to get my account registered. After logging into clearXchange it said they had become Zelle and I had to deactivate my account with clearXchange. However, the problem, for me, lies with when I tried to set up my account with Zelle since my credit union is not one of their listed banks.
Snuffy - You are probably fortunate that your bank accepts Zelle and you are also, I believe, set up. I don't think Zelle has anything but a mobile app, does it? It would be nice if they had a website, i.e. like Paypal,
Yea, I feel like I'm set up, as well. The only thing that I'm wondering is if you set up Zelle with two or more banks. I know that my secondary bank also accepts Zelle payments. I don't think I ever set up Zelle with that bank, though. But, if I did, and used the same phone number and email address, how would Zelle know which bank to send the payment to. I'm assuming you must select a primary bank. It would be nice if they had a website like Paypal, where you can select exactly where to send your payment. plmccut, that stinks that your credit union isn't listed with Zelle.
I will give kudos to Jessica (Informa Senior Field Director) in that she responded to my email quickly. She did offer to help me get Zelle to work for me but based on what I read of the app's reviews, I decided to not move forward. I liked working for Informa and think they provide reasonable compensation but I don't do enough work for them to deal with one more obscure payment app.
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