Hotel shops?

Hello my dear friends!

Could you please share your experience - what are hotel reports like for ACL, Regal Hospitality, Data Quest and HS Brands? I would like to sign up for a few but I need some advice. I did some fine dining with long reports for ACL and other companies. What their hotel reports are like?

I do not consider Coyle, I am intimidated by them. LOL smiling smiley

Thanks in advance and happy shopping!

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ACL hotel shops are probably the "starter" hotel shops. But, like most MSCs, ACL expects you to do other shops to prove yourself before you will ever see any hotel shops. AND, their hotel shops o fast! They often do not include a dinner so pack an in-room picnic and be sure to find out if the room offers a refrigerator and microwave. I like their shops because I et to keep all of the rewards points because they reimburse, instead of reversing the charges. By using each hotel chain's rewards credit card, I get LOTS of bonus points. Those I use for FREE hotel stays for vacations and/or routes. They are the "tax-free income" from the hotel shops. I just stayed using points for 2 free nights overlooking the harbor in Seattle. Street value? Well over $500. Earned doing "no fee" hotel shops.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
In a nut shell, not in any particular order:
somewhat of the learning curve for each one,
different writing styles and requirements for each one,
in some cases you'll have thousands of dollars tied up for up to 90 days,
fabulous locations, properties and places in many cases
you must write as you go along or you'll fall hopelessly back
worth it: yes for the experiences and savings on major trips, not if you can't afford to loose the cash outlay if something goes horribly wrong.
Try ACL first, they usually don't reverse the charges though, so you won't get paid back until the next month. And then I would say Data Quest, because the instructions and requirements are very easy to follow, and they provide an adequate tip allowance, and usually quick reversal. Payment is regular and on time. Regal is good as well, but they sometimes take a while to pay and their forms and format are very specific. You must make sure that you do your homework on the writing style and specific format that has to be followed. I have never done a hotel shop for HS brands. Hope this helps.

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To address each company specifically:

1) Prompt replies and clarifications from Dataquest scheduler, easy to follow instructions

2) Very helpful and prompt assistance from Regal schedulers both before and during shops, including after hours (can't stress the importance of it) . Unique style, form and format for the report.

3) Coyle- plenty of info on the forum, all accurate and on point

4) ACL- quick report, not any longer or more difficult that their dinner report

5) HS Brands -did not work with them
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