Reality Based Group -- all is well, but I can't find anywhere in my account to tell me which shops I just got paid for!

Hi folks,

In RBG's interface, which is a common one (one of my faves, actually), I can't find pay statements or paystubs or anything telling me what that payment I just got was for. Of course, I can look at my past shops, but the "paid" date and info doesn't seem to be updated quickly. I just got a large payment so I know that two specific jobs must have been paid, but they're not marked as paid yet. As an anal-retentive keeper of spreadsheets, I like to be able to cross-check things with an actual pay statement. Am I missing something in the interface?

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If you set the filter on Sassie to “any” or “finished” you can see your past jobs and then expand any job by clicking on the down arrow and you can see the date paid. If you received payment the shop definitely should show as paid with a date.
Yes, I'm expanding down to see that, but date paid is blank. Even though I was paid yesterday. I guess the system will probably catch up in a few days. I'd still rather see an itemized pay statement, though.
When you say "I just got paid" are you referring to being paid via direct deposit for shops completed last month, October? If yes, it appears you've received payment early. Maybe everything hasn't been updated? Do you have the posted statement dates (from their website) on your spreadsheet for prior payments?

I'm signed up for direct deposit (Capital One bank) but haven't received payment yet. Their FAQ says the 10th for dd or the 20th for Paypal; payments to be received the following month of your shop.

Since the 10th is Sunday and Monday is a holiday maybe they decided to push your big payment early? And maybe their posting of statements will not update until after their usual direct deposit date. Of course this is assuming you're talking about payments received via direct deposit for October shops.

So, did you get paid early? Has anyone else received dd on the 8th for payments big or small?
No you are not, I thought I had something missing, and then foolishly switched to being paid by PayPal instead of direct deposit. They post the paid dates, well after you already get paid. So if you see that you got paid, nice and early I might addsmiling smiley, then just make a note, until it shows up. If it doesn't you can write them and ask them to please pos that it was paid, if you must. May payments were so small, I did not even notice when it hit my bank.
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