First BARE overnight Hotel shop. Help, please!

Any helpful hints, suggestions, etc, please.

I know I'm asking way too late, should have asked sooner.

How difficult are the editors? If I miss some little thing, will the entire report be thrown out?

Pretty tense about it, so any help will be deeply appreciated.


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I've never done a Bare hotel shop. I did read your post, but I have nothing to offer, sorry. I wish you the best of luck with it. It can't be too hard (compared to Coyle or Regal), don't stress.
I've never done this shop, but have seen it posted in a city near me and have always wanted to try it. It seems pretty straightforward, if it's the one I'm thinking of. You can knock this one off with ease!

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
Thanks. Reassuring to hear it's not Coyle quality.

Did I read somewhere that they provide writing samples for the questions? Where do I find that?

Thanks, guys.
I said it can't be too hard and I wouldn't THINK it's like a Coyle shop. I don't know for sure because I haven't done the shop. I also don't know if they provide writing samples or not. Coyle does, I don't know about Bare.

I do know that I have done lots of other shops for Bare with no problems and I have a 10 rating, so I think the editors are fair.
Have never seen a Bare hotel, and no longer work for them so, no help here. My question to you (not related) is:
things seems to have improved for you if your now spending $$ doing hotel jobs...what made the difference from not being able to pay utilities to doing hotels, and I'm glad you turned things around.

Live consciously....
Thanks, Irene. Things not turned around. But a friend is taking me shopping, so perhaps December will not be as bleak as November; I will have SOME money coming in next month. A friend mailed me $40, so I am using that to do as many shops as I can.

smiling smiley
You found a hotel for $40?

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I've never done a Bare hotel shop, but their other ones I have done haven't been too bad. Just make sure to regurgitate all of the questions back to them in your summary.

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Never done one, cease, but good luck!

Out of curiosity, do these pay you anything other than the free stay and perhaps like breakfast? I think the one I saw last was just a stay and enjoy thing, but no fee. I didn't take it, b/c it was a cost risk. $150/night or something. Didn't want to do all that work and take on the risk for just breakfast. sad smiley

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It's rare for hotel assignments to not be accepted. Even more rare for for honest/experienced shoppers. MSC's understand how problematic this is for shoppers and will work with them to get the report accepted if possible.

Just be sure to cover all the requests for the assignment.
Question: Didn't know you can use someone else's credit card, wouldn't your name have to be on card to be reimbursed?

Live consciously....
@Irene_L.A. wrote:

Question: Didn't know you can use someone else's credit card, wouldn't your name have to be on card to be reimbursed?

You can use any card for most hotel assignments, Irene....even if the folio is in your name.
Good question, Irene. Hadn't thought of that. But I have absolutely NO objection to the refund going directly to her card.
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