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I just completed my first shop with this company and puzzled as to my grade. I'm not a newbie shopper. What has your experience been with Market Viewpoint?

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Love them! Some of the best and most responsive schedulers I have had the pleasure of working with! Shop scores seem to be the normal Sassie 10/10 scale...

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Scoring has nothing to do with how positive or negative a review is. Unfortunately editors seem to not share as much with us as in the past. If they have to correct grammar we may lose a point. If anything is not properly covered we may lose a point.

I have tried asking for feedback when I received anything less than a 10, very few editors respond any more.

An 8 is good, it does not impact our pay, our ability to keep shopping or our reputation.

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I love MVP! I do several shops a month for them. I had an issue once with an editor who clashed with my writing style. I literally had to cut and paste her narrative example into my report for it to get accepted.

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I got a point taken off once because I gave too much information (it wasn’t with Market Force but another company). sad smiley

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