Has anyone used Mobee?

I was wondering how Mobee actually works. You don’t get cash, but instead get paid with points? Has anyone used them? I did a search on the board, but only saw a couple casual comments about them. Thanks!

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I have used Mobee. Yes, you get points when you complete an assignment. If you complete a few assignments, you then earn a badge that gives you more points. You then redeem the points for gift cards. The assignments I have completed didn't seem too difficult. They don't pay much, but I view them as fillers when I'm in the area. Why not earn a few bucks if you're right there.

Sounds similar to Observa. Small tasks, fairly low pay, but if you’re in the area already and doing another shop it’s okay. smiling smiley
I've done over 60 missions with them in the past few months. They pay with points and you redeem them in gift cards. Some of their shops aren't too bad but then there are those that are very frustrating. I don't do much with them anymore because the last several I did were a bit ridiculous in how long they took for the low amount of pay. It's all subject to each person and what I don't like, someone else will and vice versa.
@Ercokat wrote:

It’s hard to know how much you are getting paid with points!

They translate to a penny a point. So 200 points equals 2.00.

Mobee is just okay these days they partnered with Bestmark and this dropped the price of shops in my area. However once a month I find it worth it.

I suggest waiting until you can get 300-500 points per shop and then stack up by going to an area with multiple shops. I like to do 2 to 3 mobees and then 1 to 3 traditional shops or FA.

200 points is rarely worth it unless it is the honey shop.

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The currently active Crazy Cosmetics and Crazy Cosmetics III missions fit into the ridiculous category mentioned by titus. These are the ones that involve capturing approx 30 high-quality photos of a well-known makeup brand from different angles and in quadrants and answering more than two dozen questions. I accepted and completed one of each, but will not do these missions again.
One problem I encountered is you are in the cosmetics section for a long time taking many photos and there are security cameras in each aisle capturing your activity. When I attempted the missions during daytime hours, I was approached by a dept manager who asked what I was doing. Even though I was able to convince her that I was working on a school-related project, she stayed near and kept a close watch on me. I returned late that night after work and was able to do the second mission without interference. The pay is $8 per mission. IMHO, not worth the stress and time investment.
Side note: The other two missions involving a hair color brand are more do-able and there aren't any security cameras placed in the hair color aisle, at least not in stores in my area. The pay is the same, $8. (I believe they are called Crazy Cosmetics II and Crazy Cosmetics IV.)

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The Crazy Cosmetics missions are having a high reject rate according to posts on the Mobee group FB page. I did two earlier this week and I am still waiting to see if they will be approved.
I had one approved and one rejected. I only did two hair color ones. I can't see my Mission balance history for some reason so I can't tell which one was rejected. It says I have no balance history, but I have hundreds plus credits currently on my account. I've emailed them and they are looking into it.

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