I just discovered there are 2 MSCs that shop the same restaurant?

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One of the places I used to shop was shopped by three different msc at the same time and that was just in my region. You will also so regionally differences in which msc does the shops sometimes.
Generally, when two different companies are shopping the same restaurant, one of the companies is working to get the contract away from the other company.
I just saw one MSC with a shop that makes up 90% of the shops for another MSC. I hope the other MSC doesn't lose the client.
We've had contracts with franchise owners whose stores were also shopped through a different MSC per the corporation's request. Generally, the shops are looking for different things.

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One of the gas station alcohol compliance shops I do is shopped by both RBG and ACL. The guidelines and reports for both MSCs are exactly the same (word for word). The only difference is the shopper pay. ACL pays 3 times more than RBG's base pay. I thought RBG was going to lose the contract when ACL first started posting the shops, but it's been 2 years and it's still shopped by both MSCs.
It might be that corporate ownership shops the restaurant, the franchise owner pays for shops, and possibly a competitor. All are fairly common. These can be long running, short term, or just one offs.

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