Has anyone heard anything about Maritz' "accelerated holiday payment schedule"?

They called me today and said any shops I do would be paid by Christmas.

Anybody else heard anything? I don't see anything on the website.

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They were not able to tell me if shops I already completed (for which I am expecting payment on or about the 15th) would be paid earlier than that.

Does anyone know? I sure could use the money right now!
If I remember correctly, the normal pay schedule is followed. As an example, shoppers should receive payment on Friday, December 13th for the previous shops performed.
But then, another payment will be sent out usually a week or so later for shops performed in the first 2 weeks of December (1st - 13th). So, a payment should be sent out on December 20th.
Shops performed after that week (December 14th - 31st) shall see payment in the first week of the new year.

I believe Maritz shuts down or has a skeleton crew manning the phones during the last 2 weeks of December.
@ceasesmith wrote:

Thanks so much. I'll hope for payment to arrive this Friday!

Oddly enough, the payment is now showing with the December 13th pay date. I've never seen the pay date in future time. Typically, it's a few days in the past.
Nevertheless, it is there and should be received on Friday the 13th.

Hope you don't have Triscadecaphobia!
They called me today to offer me a shop that's been sitting on the board for awhile now. I gave them the amount it would take for me to do it. *crickets* When they call back in a week, it will be twice as much.

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Don't know the cut off date, but I did speak to someone in payroll over a missed invoice and she told me they would be sending out an early payment. I think she said it would be 21st or 23rd.

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