SeeLevel payment ....anyone got one yet?

I wish they didn't do this to us every month....but it is the 16th, and it is 2:45 in the PM in Atlanta, and they have been late, lately.....Anyone hear anything?

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I just received my payment. SeeLevel usually releases the payments in batches throughout the day based on your last name.
@salisburync They're not late in paying. Their payment policy clearly states that they pay around the 15th of the following month you do the shop. Key word: "around." They don't process payments on weekends.
Evidently one client is still holding shops and they didn't pay them and will not until Thursday when they are released. While I can understand that happening, I'm sure they knew before they sent out payments that were missing this "chunk". A preemptive email goes a long way in my book, not being blindsided the way I was this afternoon. Not cool.
Your comments prompted me to check. I received payment in full. And a few minutes later, a very polite e-mail from SeeLevel explaining the shortage for other shoppers. So at least they explained.
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