GoSpotCheck Liquor Beverage Cooler Photo jobs

There have been quite a lot of these on the Customer Impact board lately. They only pay $10 so I don't want to pick one up unless they are super fast with almost no report. Has anyone done these jobs? What's actually involved? Can I get away with not presenting the LOA or does an employee always notice the shopper?

Thank you for insight.

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I have tried to do these and have been kicked out of every location. The LOA does not satisfy the manager and you have to take a min of 6 pictures. I am a seasoned shopper but this is tough.

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I signed up for 3 locations. First location, no way in h*ll was she going to let me take pictures. If she kept a baseball bat behind the counter I wouldn't be surprised. Second location: Nice Japanese marketplace with no beer coolers although they sold Japanese brand beers. Third location had no problems and it was quick. No report. I was pumped now thinking I should have requested more. They were due 12/30.

This next round, the instructions state the locations are major stores and you should not meet resistance but do them covertly if you think you can. And you should take photos of ALL beer coolers. Sure enough, the locations are major stores and I think there would be many coolers. Each cooler requires 3 pictures (top, middle, bottom). I doubt I could do this covertly because you are juggling holding the door open (with your foot?) and using your camera. But you enter in the app and are done when you leave which appealed to me.
Just don't pay enough for whats wanted. Same msc but the liquor pricing shop were easy and worth it at $10 if on route or close enough. I did those from $10 to $25 a pop. I was wondering on these cooler ones and may have attempted without the hold the cooler door open requirement. lets say 6 cooler doors most have more 3 pics each is 18 pics. That's about 50 cents per pick.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
Lots of great feedback! I definitely won't be picking up these shops unless they get bonused a bunch.

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These were $15 shops before 12/30. The nearest ones for me were mostly in high crime inner city neighborhoods. No thanks.
I did one of these but it was at a beauty store. I have never felt so self-conscious taking pics before and was asked several times if I "needed help" but was not kicked out. I ran into the bathroom to check my photos before sending them but hit the wrong button and had to go out and take a few more pictures. It was a nightmare for me, the store was so hot and crowded. Finally went to submit and the app-or me haha- erased everything. I was done, no pay. I think that was the last job I did for Customer Impact, good company but I do not use apps anymore.
I regularly work for CI on Go Spot Check. I love Go Spot Check jobs because most are simple and there is no report afterward. I've done liquor store audits, replenishing brochure racks in doctor's offices, car washes and of course debit card replenishment in big box and grocery stores. I signed up for this assignment. In my head I thought "simple job, just run in and grab three pictures of three coolers", right? Well not so. I have an older android (about 3 years maybe? LG Fortune). I took the first three pictures they combined I clicked submit. OK, where did the picture go? I just don't get it. So I click cooler 2 just in case it takes a minute to load. Cooler 2 combines and I click submit. It is in cooler 1's place. Ok, so again in my mind, some glitchy thing happened and the picture didn't save and it won't let you skip 1 and go to 2. No big deal just continue on to cooler 2. This time I received an error message that the picture failed to combine. This continues several times. I tried taking the pictures multiple ways, I tried switching coolers. All this time the merchant hasn't said a word to me. I know I'm going to be running out of time soon, wondering why I'm taking all these pictures of his coolers. I spent almost 30 minutes in the store and finally went out to the car to call in. The first girl comes on and tries to walk me though submitting. I'm like no I know how to submit I can't get the pictures to combine and save to the app. She transfers me to a manager for the project. She says go in and finish and try holding the phone really steady. I didn't. I know if I go back in he's going to finally ask me what I'm doing. I go home and get my husband since he has a steadier hand than me (another mystery shopper). I go to liquor store number two. I tried the first cooler so I could show my husband what we are doing. Of course, it fails to combine and save again. So he tries it. It fails again even with his steadier hand. So we try a new way with more overlap thinking maybe there needs to be more overlapping for them to join. It still fails. Since this is so difficult my husband insists that I take the letter to the merchant and tell him what we are doing. He tries to take the cooler again. (It fails again).The merchant has a cow. We left. I had 8 stores at 15 apiece. $120 I can't make because the software doesn't work right with my phone. When I called she said some people were able to do the assignments and some people like me had problems. She had told me that I will not get penalized for it not working with my phone and them having to be removed.
Later I see several combined pictures on my phone that did combine but the app wouldn't acknowledge it or save them.
Three major pieces of feedback here. Number 1, they should have done the beer coolers at grocery stores and Walmart (less flack from stores). Number 2, forget this crazy authorization letter. Just say that you sending your Uncle (Dad or whoever) the pictures so he knows what to buy. Number three, three coolers is enough! Every cooler in the store is ridiculous.
And before you start hollering about my getting my husband to help I know the rules and I do my jobs by myself this was not an audit or a particular type of mystery shop. This was supposed to be a simple job take a few pictures and leave. But I had to know if it was me (personally) or the software that wouldn't work. And I have a really hard time just walking away and not doing a job that I have agreed to do. As a matter of fact, I think this is the first time I have ever had to do that.
I don't say you shouldn't have tried. I'm just sharing my experience. You had a 50% chance of even being able to complete the project. Maybe higher if you have a new phone. I'm not sad I tried. I'm disappointed.
I think they are aware that this assignment is not something many people are doing. I know I will not. I accepted one, then saw what the client wanted and immediately canceled it. The whole "Hold the door open and combine pictures" thing is garbage. Seriously, just have people take individual photos of the coolers one by one. Not gonna solve all the problems, but would help a lot.
I read the supposed loa and said no way. The person sending it needs to have some standing for it to be legitimate. I might as well just have my mom write me a note.
Curtzey, thanks for the giggle. I can't help it, it reminded me of my daughter in second grade. She didn't want to go to school that day; she wasn't ill, so I didn't let her stay home.

She'd been in school an hour when the principal called me. Maggie had turned in a note to her teacher, "Please excuse Maggie from classes today. Signed, My Mom."

smiling smiley
They are mostly off my board. Maybe someone locally picked up hundreds (or they are revising the project). Good luck to whomever!
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