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I have been looking around in the forum and i saw Informa Pop up a few times and i was wondering what everybody thought about them? I have signed up with them and they have a few shops in my area and wanted to get some feed back before i completed shops for them. Anything would be help full.

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Bubba, I have worked for Informa Research and I find them very professional and they pay on time.
Nice bkb317 thank you very much. Everything i have seen looks like they are a pretty good company to work with. Just need to pay attention to the 1099. lol
I've done work with them. Everyone I've worked with there is professional and courteous. I find that the instructions on their assignments are clear and detailed enough for me, but not a drag to read like some companies. I checked my 1099 and they were 100% accurate to my records when I went payment by payment. I'd say to give them a try.
Good people : understanding, cooperative, forthcoming and realistic.
Only problem I've ever had was this 2010 year's 1099, I do wish I had earned $29,000 ! It took a few reminder calls but the mistake was resolved.
The reports are straight forward not convoluted and if you're a good typist take 5 minutes and they frequently pay ahead of their stated time.
A company like this should only stay in business
I like Informa. My scheduler is awesome. They do, however, have a lot of problems with their accounting. Their W-2s were wrong this year. I heard their W-2s were done by an independent accounting firm. I have had payment problems twice, apparently a check not received in both instances. It took a very long time - months - to get a response from their in-house Accountant so I could get payment. I have continued to work for them and like them, but have my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong and I don't have to communicate with their Accountant. I was eventually paid, but communication with the Accountant has been a frustrfating experience twice.
What is their pay schedule? I can't find the info on their homepage or in the ICA if I click on the register button to become a new shopper.
Informa is one of my favorites too. I do a lot of bank shops for them and they pay right on time. I wish Intellishop would take some accounting lessons from them.
I have signed up for Informa and for 3 months there was absolutely nothing in my area except one thing that didn't interest me so I deleted them. I have heard great things about them though.
Don't delete companies! With most of them if you terminate you will not be able to reopen an account. If they don't have anything of interest at present, just leave them open and come back to revisit in a couple of months. I hardly check all of my 200+ companies on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis! They are there, the account is open, I update my profile from time to time and if/when they finally get a client in my area they generally let me know.
Hi all - thank you for the feedback.

Regarding pay, we state 30-60 days from the date of your shop, but most payments are received by shoppers in 2-3 weeks.

@ Liz - it's unfortunate that we haven't had shops in your area yet, but please keep checking in with us as we'd definitely love to work with you! You never know when we may have shops in your area in the future or if we have specialty shops, then we would certainly keep you in mind.


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I do two specific banks for Informa on a monthly basis. They pay a little better than Ath and they pay quicker. I have done a few home loan shops for them for $40.00 a pop. I would rather do theirs than the ones from Ath because the pay if better and the reports a little shorter. They pay on time and I have never had more information requested from them. I still do the Ath ones. I know I will get a check from them by the 10th of each month.
I agree. Their phone shops pay $20 and your don't even have to leave your home. Site visits between $40-60 and they pay on time. The paperwork is a little lengthy sometimes but it's worth it. Good company to work with.
The Informa I work for pays $7-$8 phone shop; $12.50 to $17.50 simple drive thru, teller and platform inquiries with one page reports; more complex bank visit shops from $40, longer reports. Bonuses vary and project managers are reasonable with tolls, mileage, parking expenses. Payments arrive generally well ahead of stated time frame.

I wish them a spell check system and a more accurate 1099 provider.

I agree with Flash don't delete, my first shop with Informa was a cosmetic shop in a high end retailer. Fun but not as dependable.
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