Does anyone know what the process is for disputing payments through Primo. I have been told that I will not be getting paid for a shop I did for $55 in which I completed all of the requirements. I have asked to dispute the decision made by Meghan who has not been very helpful. I have mostly worked with Shanon and she has been great however Im not sure if she can help me with this because the shop has a different manager/scheduler.

Has anyone else had this issue with payments from Primo?

Would you recommend I reach out to the owner?

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Were you given a reason that you will not be paid? Generally, if you do a shop properly, you get paid...

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Michael Miller has reached out to me and he has resolved this issue to my satisfaction. He was very reasonable and asked me to help him on another shop. I am not sure why you would you responded to this expecially because your answer isn't even relavent to what I was asking for.

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